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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ambazonia: English-speaking carriers hit by lockdown

Drivers and loaders who have abandoned the steering wheel of their car to take refuge in bars or who have simply lowered the seats of their car to sleep, it is the spectacle which is offered to you when you go in a bus station of the two cities.

For several months the attackers had circulated this operation "Lockdown" which means locking in French. It consists in not letting in or out people in both regions. Despite the reluctance of the population and the assurance of the authorities, the operation seems to work.No traveler has been to a bus station for 3 days.

Visibly helpless drivers no longer know where to turn and call for help. They ask the authorities to intervene to reassure the population because since no vehicle enters or leaves the station, it is a big shortfall for these agencies that serve the regions.

This operation "Lockdown" will completely close the two English-speaking regions for 10 days, from February 5 to 15. If this situation continues, the North West and South West transport agencies will have to put the key under the mat. This will have repercussions on several direct jobs that this activity generates.

Many employees will face unemployment.The news of this crisis is not radiant because with the withdrawal of US aid due to the fact of the non-resolution of this crisis and the many human rights violations, it will be necessary that the government Cameroon is working hard to ensure the safety of the people.