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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ambazonia: Chris Anu finally speaks!

Chris Anu, pro-independence vanguard based in the United States and acting as Minister of Communication of Ambazonia, a country trying to create his own state from the Cameroonian government, finally made a statement on a controversial topic that has viral.

"Yes, Chris Anu is a man of integrity. If he did not use it, many things would have gone wrong with this revolution. Very true.I like his open-mindedness in many issues that have arisen. May God keep it and soften it. He's just being human. "

This is one of the many social media messages that come with sharing a screenshot, allegedly from Anu, detailing his resignation from the outlaw government. No other information was provided on other minutiae.

Chris Anu, however, told some activists on Saturday, February 9, 2019, he had not resigned. Chris said if he had to resign, he would write an official letter of resignation to his "government," National Telegraph said.

 When his resignation was announced, many of his supporters expressed their love and wrote touching messages circulating on social media.

"Chris, we can not accept your resignation, soften your heart and listen to the people of Ambazonia, you have served so well, and perfectly, until we are about to blow our trumpets to the land of glory.

Ambazonia will not fail to receive your triumphal entry at Buea, as Jesus did when he descended from the olive groves of the mountain to enter Jerusalem. Like all Christians gathered to honor him, with their clothes on the ground, their palms, etc., it will be the same day you and your IG enter Buea.

This is how the huge crowds of Ambazonia will receive you. Chris, a revolution is the people. You are the choice of the people, we can not afford to deprive you for the moment. We are winning, and have been, thanks to your tireless efforts and support for the revolution.

As the senior secretary of the Ambazonia communication, listen to the cry of the people. You are our great actor of the revolution. God bless you and continue to strengthen your efforts in the revolution, "said Anjoakoh on social media.