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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ambazonia: 58 years ago, a terrible prophecy has been revealed about English speakers

And the story held back! That the 22nd of January 1961, when we reached 20 days of the referendum which should allow Western Cameroon (the part of Cameroon placed under British administration by the League of Nations-SDN- since the end of the 1st World War to which Britain has refused independence) to choose between joining Nigeria and joining Cameroon, the then Prime Minister of Nigeria, El Hadj Abubakar Tafawa Balewa speaks to English-speaking Cameroonians in a broadcast speech.

"Join Nigeria for peace and progress, otherwise it will be poverty and hardship."This is the major recommendation of Sir Balewa this January 22, 1961.

The statesman explains that:

"On the one hand, you can choose certainty and security: an honorable status as an integral part of a great African nation with your future secure. With Nigeria, you can expect to participate in the tremendous economic development of our country, the vast plans to develop education so far beyond our dreams, and the social benefits we are beginning to enjoy...

If you vote Against Nigeria, I do not see how you can avoid living a life of poverty and hardship, and under the constant shadow of violence that the government can not control. You will place yourself under a country that has different laws and a completely different attitude towards life".

He had done his part, one would say today.Because what was only electioneering propaganda will not be long in revealing a whole prophecy.

The proof is that the northern part of Western Cameroon, with a Muslim majority and Peuhle, which opts for joining Nigeria, chooses to be part of a state that will not become a federation until 1967, but will remain so until today, and who will surf between democracy and dictatorship, elections and pronunciamientos, war of secession and peace, to finally become an exemplary democracy in an Africa of the wild dictatorships, even still far from the level of certain model countries of the world which have their own sins too.Perfection is not of this world, right?

By contrast, and this is what concerns us, the Southern Cameroon, part of the logic of the fathers of independence who struggled for the advent to the times of independence and reunification, chose for a large majority to join the Cameroon with which they settled a few months in a federal system, but which will last just over 11 years, and then to mutate into a unitary state suffocating for the Southern Cameroonians and nearly 12 years later into a simply Cameroonian state, assimilationist at will.

In view of the turn that things take, with all the disenchantment that prevails between our English brethren and their armed separatist groups, on the one hand and the Cameroonian authorities and their armed forces since the year of disgrace 2016, the question arises: was it really worth the trouble for compatriots from the Outer Moungo to cherish their cameroon so much that they chose to get back together with their brothers from whom they had been separated for forty years, and who had more of the German manners that had united them between the progressive formation of the Camroun by the Germans and the end of the first Great (dirty) War? Otherwise - and this is the same question, reformulated - was it worthwhile to ignore the advice of El Hadj Abubakar Tafawa Balewa?

Yes, if some stop asking others to lay down their arms - in the name of the unwritten right of a state in which they no longer recognize themselves - to violate their rights, and resolve to put in place the conditions for an inclusive and unconditional dialogue between parties in conflict. No, if as in Sudan and Ethiopia at one time, some - the same ones - want to make prevail the reason of the strongest which is only passion, instead of letting reason prevail.. simple!