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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

'Paul Biya made an extraterrestrial speech'

The release of Paul Biya on Monday night during his New Year's speech, is still reactions. Attached to the phone, Professor Vincent Sosthène Fouda, president of the Cameroon Movement For Social Democracy, believes that Biya made an extraterrestrial speech in light of the socio-economic reality of the country.

Further on, the politician states that: "the Head of the State has not taken the measure of the erosion of the institutions of the Republic. The people can no longer promise them without guidance "."Cameroon needs a captain and not a sandman," he said in a sharp tone.

Already last December 25, in his Christmas and New Year greetings to the Cameroonian people, Vincent Sosthène Fouda sent a message of hope to the Cameroonian people: "They show that a warmer society is within our reach. They deserve greater visibility. I am convinced that they can also create a dynamic that enriches the action of our institutions and builds confidence in the foundations of our ever-growing democracy. Do not despair. This is what I wish, wholeheartedly, for our country, for each of the ten regions of our country on the eve of the year 2019 ?, he wrote in a message reached our editorial staff.