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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cameroon: If you fight for me, do not fight anymore - Maurice Kamto

After a marathon tour in the regions of the West and Littoral, Saturday, January 12 and Sunday, January 13, Maurice Kamto returned Tuesday, 15, by a meeting with officials of the base of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC) political formation which he is the leader, as well as wishes to the national and international press. An opportunity for the politician to send a poignant message to his compatriots, via his comrades, but also by using the mediators that are the information professionals.

The former presidential candidate of October 2018 who repeated to the envy last weekend that Cameroonians should stop relying on others to recover their confiscated freedom, and that they can not do it. that through sacrifices, ("We can not go to heaven without dying") came back on the occasion of this meeting on the need for Cameroonians to fight against for the appropriation of civil rights which is before all their own, that makes it the reappropriation of their primacy, of their sovereignty over their leaders.

Also, addressing the communal, departmental and regional Center-Southeast of his party, Maurice Kamto recommended them to fight for the future of Cameroon and not for his person.

"If you fight for me, Maurice Kamto, do not fight anymore. Let's fight for a cause that is above everyone else. Yes, let's fight for Cameroon, "said the man who continues to claim his victory" stolen "in the last presidential election and attributed to one of his opponents outgoing incumbent President Paul Biya.

A real incentive to disinterestedness for Cameroonians in general and his supporters in particular that call Maurice Kamto who recommended: "Do not sow with the conviction that we will reap . If we do not harvest, our descendants will reap, or failing that, passers-by. " But also a psychological preparation for the march announced for January 26 in Yaounde against the electoral heist, whose most remarkable challenger Paul Biya in the last presidential election said he will personally take the lead.