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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cameroon Crisis: Honorable Wirba Joseph advice to Paul Biya

The hon. Member for Jakiri, Hon. Joseph Wirba urged the English-speaking diaspora to unite to face the plight of the victims of the socio-political crisis in the northwest and southwest.

He released the call this weekend in the United Kingdom when he released his book "Wirbaforce", which chronicles his experiences of the crisis that has shaken the regions of north-west and south-west of Cameroon since 2016.

The English-speaking community of the diaspora played a leading role in the events that took place here, but divergent voices among the various groups made it difficult to create a common platform for possible dialogue with the government, as appropriate.

A situation that Hon. Wirba was keen to speak at the launch of his book, pointing out that a united Anglophone front would seek a common goal.

"If you do not meet immediately, discuss and do things right, wait for the consequences. You have no choice but to meet immediately, "warned Wirba, calling for a collaborative platform where all opinions would be solicited before adopting the best path forward.

Hon. Wirba, who has been exiled to the UK since the end of 2018, also took the opportunity to chastise the alleged English-speaking Diaspora leaders who put money into play to cause loss of life.