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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN2019: Issa Tchiroma criticizes CAF decision

It was during a press briefing that has just ended at the Ministry of Communication in Yaoundé.  During his belated long-awaited speech, the spokesperson for the Cameroonian government confirmed and acknowledged the withdrawal of this competition by the African football's governing body. "Cameroon has not lost, it will prove by continuing the construction of infrastructure," he said.

In pursuing his speech, he did not go four words to denounce and regret this decision. Thus he declared: "in the face of this flagrant injustice, the government asks the people to keep all its serenity".

This output demonstrates to the sufficiency that Cameroon has thrown in the towel contrary to rumors circulating that the country Roger MILLA will attack the CAF au Tas.