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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN: scathing open letter to Paul Biya

I am doing myself despite myself, the spokesman of Cameroonians who are ulcerated by the withdrawal of CAN 2019 to our country. Especially since it comes out that way, the reasons for this failure, due to the phenomenon of corruption where our compatriots senior stood out to stop the organization of the party of African football at home.

My joy is that you are android. So you read, facsimile to support all that is revealed in social networks. Eleven billion for the parking Bafoussam stadium, hundreds of millions to maintain the sports complex of the Beac, while this bank is already taking care. The list of packages is such that hundreds of billions have gone up in smoke. The tragedy, Mr. President, is that most letters begin with: on the high instructions of the President of the Republic... to say that you are the one who instructed, all this rapine. I doubt. Reason why, we urge you to quickly denounce this imposture. There is your honor.

Fortunately, many of us know that earthly goods are not an obsession for you. The opposite of your close collaborators who, despite all that they already have, have only one dream: to enrich more than it takes. Quitting the country. Quit to ridicule you and prevent you from achieving the goals you have set for leading our country to emergence. As a result, we ask ourselves questions about what all the anti-corrupive pharmacies are worth: conac, anif, consupe. No One can not go across one's country and the man whom they politi- cally call their creator, to this point.

Mr President, if I dare to write to you, it is because of my posture, I feel your people ready for uncontrollable acts if nothing is done. They did not go down the street as desired by an unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election. But this time, they can. So much treason is great and the scale of the theft unacceptable. In Kousseri, Yaoundé or Douala, social unrest has just been observed. Increasingly, compatriots no longer accept the injustice, complacency and abuse of some; from the top of their post.

While wishing you the best wishes for the new year 2019 arrives, the people demand that they make throat, all those who are near and far responsible for the opprobrium of which our country is victim, which is no longer even guaranteed to organize the can 2021.

Very High Consideration Pierre Lebon Elanga Ateme

Reporter: Pierre Lebon Elanga Ateme