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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Withdrawal of the CAN: Biya has 4 months to recover the honor and pride of Cameroon

The shock wave is huge in the face of a decision by the African Football Confederation and its president who has just broken the dream of millions of Cameroonians. This CAN 2019 was the cup of Cameroonians.  They had been waiting for it for decades. They had urged Paul Biya to compete for his organization, tired of touring Africa and playing on the stadiums of other countries where their indomitable Lions went to conquer the trophy against all odds. The organization of the African Women's Football Cup just over a year ago was a test run that convinced the Cameroonians that they too could organize a major competition even this CAN from 16 to 24 teams.

Those who took the decision to withdraw the organization of the CAN can not imagine how much they hurt Cameroon in the deepest of itself. Those Cameroonians who have complied with the death sentence of Accra do not yet know how much Cameroonians will make them pay their forfeit.

As soon as the CAF decision is known, some people light bonfires, attach hanging ropes and sharpen guillotines to execute the culprits of this misfortune that has fallen on Cameroon. Implicitly, they are already right Ahmad Ahmad confirming that Cameroon was never going to be ready on the day said as had claimed Paul Biya.

What should we do after this cataclysm?More than 3,000 billion francs have already been spent by the state on infrastructure construction. Hundreds of Cameroonians who believed in the holding of this global event also invested billions of francs. We Cameroonians, from the youngest to the oldest, have invested our faith in this country, our ability to rise to the rank of the nations that count in this CAN 2019.

Our eyes are now on Paul Biya. Cameroon has failed in respect of the specifications of the organization of the competition?Could we really be ready next June? Have we really invested in communication to show the progress of the construction sites and the seriousness of the work?

The only denial we have to give to Ahmad, is the continuation of the construction of infrastructure and delivery to deadlines.The worst failure would be that everything stops now. In this way we will be able, as some believe, to have the opportunity to roll back the CAF and keep the organization of the event. The promise of a CAN in 2021 is a lure of Ahmad as was the absence of Plan B.

There are still six months to take the whole world to witness the theft and the offense which Cameroon has just to be a victim. Four months for Paul Biya to tell the Cameroonians that he has gone to the end of their dream. We may not recover the organization of the CAN but the honor and pride of Cameroon will be safeguarded. The ball is in our camp.

Reporter: Antoine Ahanda