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Monday, December 3, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: who wants to harm the Cameroonian people?

Dear brothers and sisters,

No African country has ever organized a CAN with 24 teams ... Be it Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and other Nations, the number of teams competing did not vary: they were 16.

When our country Cameroon asked to organize the CAN for 2019, it did so by highlighting its capacity to receive 16 teams like all countries before him.. And it is under this base that the organization of the cup has been granted...

A year later, CAF told us that the rules of the game had just changed, that we now had to receive 24 teams, or 8 additional teams, which is huge.

Of course I do not justify the flaws and shortcomings of some. Nevertheless, somewhere, something went wrong and no economist could contradict me in the face of this observation.

Cameroon was responsible for organizing the biggest African Cup of Nations that no other country has known before.

Also, we must remain very united in the face of what seems to be a slap, to this decision that hurts us deeply.

We are a people standing! We are a proud people. We must not give in to appearances that make us believe that we are incapable, that we are a reclining people.

Certainly this decision trampled our dignity. We are depressed. I am as much as any of you.

Let's get rid of absurd cleavages, accusations (not that some are not justified) to stand up, to prepare us for 2021.

2021 is not that far ... 2021 ... It's tomorrow...

I urge our big lawyers to tell us, if changing the terms of a contract of this type is completely legal? Would not there be damages and interest to pay our people for this disgraceful dignity, for this disappointed hope, for this undeniable shortfall?

We are not at this stage, neither of the RDPCISTES, nor of the MRCISTS, nor of the UNERSISTS... We are only one people, united to fight the adversity in all its forms.

Long live Cameroon.

Reporter: Calixthe Beyala