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Monday, December 3, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: Martin Camus Mimb defends Samuel Eto'o

The promoter of the Sport Info radio based in Douala responds to those who believe that Samuel Eto'o did not weigh all his weight in the maintenance of the CAN TOTAL 2019 in Cameroon


If in 2014 when the CAN was awarded, those who had the responsibility to manage this file, invested in it instead of rotting the locker room in Brazil.If

those who had managed this file s were reminded that the priority was not to buy cars to visit the building sites, but to move forward with these projects.

If those who sent contradictory and humiliating messages of distress to the CAF, had not thought that the urgency was not to demonstrate to the Head of State who is stronger than who and who knows how to do more than who.

If all had understood that we had not launched the Awards which would win more markets to his family and his protégés, but the competition to seek the best expertise possible.

If we had not made COCAN a zone of resettlement of friendships and networks to deceive the vigilance and confiscate in the offices of the ministries the right to financial gluttony and imposture. If each of those who had responsibilities, had not chosen to hide behind the commitment of the Head of State, to the point of making it an axis of communication, instead of taking their responsibilities.

If we understood that visiting the sites with bikers, brass bands, dance group and others, just allows the bad mason to hide the bad concrete and wait pompously the next visit to make up the site. We would never have needed the diplomacy or the interpersonal skills of Samuel Eto'o...

He came as a doctor who is called urgently into the operating room for a terminally ill patient. Failing to save him immediately so that he regains all his abilities, he gives him the possibility of progressive rehabilitation for a full recovery in 2021.

Instead of shouting at the patient's bedside, let's watch over his health and rehabilitation so that by 2021 he will be operational. I'm done. I am at Mass.

Sitting at the first bench of the church of Kamdem Dieunedort.

Come get me. The ?????? Jesus is waiting for you. Tsuip! Martin

Camus MIMB Member of Cocan who has never been invited to a single #NsangNkong meeting "