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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: Joseph Antoine Bell addresses Cameroonians

The big unpacking of the withdrawal of CAN 2019 in Cameroon continues on the studio trays. After President Ahmad Ahmad who explained that the reasons for the withdrawal and the shift, it is the vice president of the CAF Constant Omari who passed on the channel Afrique Média Tv to give crisp details.

"When we observed that there was duplicity of language between what the commission said and the report that the Cameroonian government gave to the head of state. We asked for an audience with the Head of State, where we gave him the actual progress of the work, "says CAF Vice President. "We were forced to seek this hearing despite the presidential elections, because the situation was alarming, the Cameroonian President was fooled by his entourage," he said.

Then, he makes a shattering confidence: "Given the video of the actual progress of the work that we showed to President Biya, he knew that the organization would be withdrawn in Cameroon". And boom!Which means that all the statements of Ahmad Ahmad making believe at the exit of the hearing of the Yaoundé palace, that the CAF had no plan B and that Cameroon was going to organize the CAN, were only the election campaign for candidate Paul Biya, five days before the presidential election. A shot up with the complicity of Samuel Eto'o who, instead of being content with the aspect of the organization of the CAN, had launched that he was going to vote for Paul Biya.

According to statements by CAF Vice President Constant Omari, the executive committee of the governing body of African Football was already in a position to withdraw CAN in Cameroon at its congress held in September in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. because of the considerable delay in the progress of infrastructure construction work. The committee had decided not to crack down but rather decided to go meet the Cameroonian Head of State his Paul Barthélemy Biya.But in reality, it is Samuel Eto'o who, with the complicity of the general secretariat to the presidency of the republic and the civil cabinet, will be the linchpin and will organize the trip of Ahmad Ahmad in Cameroon to boost the popularity at half-mast of Paul Biya.

Nevertheless, Ahmad Ahmad had presented to Paul Biya the real picture of the situation on the ground that had nothing to do with what was contained in the reports submitted to him by his collaborators. And, under these conditions, it was noted that Cameroon could not be ready for the CAN. But during this audience President Biya only reiterated to Ahmad Ahmad and his delegation that "Cameroon would be ready on the day said".

However nothing has been done. At the time of the official withdrawal of the CAN in Cameroon on November 30, 2018, the rate of completion of work in the yards was barely 55%. No site was ready. Paul Biya, Samuel Eto'o and the Minister of Sports were therefore well informed that Cameroon could not organize the CAN 2019. They had already planned shift of the competition in 2021 to the detriment of Côte d'Ivoire. They lied to Cameroonians and used CAF for their election campaign. And that's what's serious. Very serious, that the CAF serves political interests for the maitien in power of a dictatorship.