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Monday, December 3, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: the indexed West Region!

After the last visit of the experts of the Confederation of African Football in the region of the setting sun, we all made the sad report that no stage of training had reached 50% of the achievement rate.

We were 48.73% in MBOUDA, 49.8% in BANDJOUN, 49.70% in BAMENDZI, 41.34% at the BAFoussam TOKET sports stadium, 49.76% at the stadium of the Bafoussam KOUEKONG sports stadium. Excluding this very low percentage since the sites related to the total CAN 2019 were supposed to be delivered at the end of December 2018 and we were on November 13, 2018, we have the poor state of the road that had pushed the experts of the CAF to request the improvement of the state of the roads in the regional capital.

Although work has accelerated in recent weeks, the population of the city of Bafoussam have always been very skeptical when the capacity of the region and particularly of the city of Bafoussam to be in time for the organization of this event. Many thought that Cameroon would organize the competition but that the western region was not going to be there.

Today even security reasons are mentioned but you should know that the western region was far from ready the day said. It remains to hope that the work will not be abandoned and that in 2023 Cameroon will finally be able to organize its Africa Cup of Nations.

The CAF comes in less than a month to make it clear to the Cameroonian leader that football can move forward without Cameroon. After canceling the participation of the second representative of Cameroon at the CAF Cup, the first instance of football in Africa has withdrawn the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations Total 2019 in Cameroon.Remain more than learned from the failure that makes the country of Samuel ETO'O triple winner of the European Champions League the laughing stock of the world.