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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Withdrawal from the CAN: worry is rising in Bafoussam

The news of Cameroon's withdrawal from the next edition of the African Cup of Nations (Can 2019) by the African Football Confederation (CAF) fell like a blow to the heads of the city's population of Bafoussam. For them, the hope of seeing their feet on the ground, the stars of African football has just collapsed like a house of cards. But above all, they fear that the various construction sites and infrastructure rehabilitation committed to the prospect of this competition suffer the same fate.

"The Caf did very badly to withdraw this competition at this time. She should have waited for the yards to go even further to do it at the last minute. Because knowing our country and its leaders, the sites can be abandoned, "says a resident of the capital of the Western region. "Houses have been destroyed under the pretext of the construction sites of the Can. If these projects are abandoned, our leaders must think of the miseries of the people, "adds another. These two people thus see a similar dry season in a "hell". In fact, just two weeks after the rains stopped, the Bafoussam people suffocated under the effect of dust clouds. "We thought we could handle this dust for a period of time, but at this rate, there is a high risk that our misery will last a very long time," they confide.

Signals that do not reassure

The apprehensions noted by the populations are not fortuitous. They are based on certain facts that are hardly reassuring. In particular, there is immobilization in some CAN yards immediately after the decision of the CAF. "We should touch our payday Saturday (December 1, 2018, ed). But when we arrived at the construction site, our Chinese boss told us that there was no money left and we had to come back on Monday (December 3, 2018); the time for him to go first to Yaoundé to know the proper course of action because he was not sure that the work was going to continue, "says a worker, employed at the site of the sports stadium Tocket, the one of the training stages. "I received employees from the company that is in charge of building the Tobe-Kouékong road. They came to me to buy rifles to paint on the grounds that they were informed that the construction sites were not going to continue, "says a metal carpenter.

Formerly chosen to house the Hen D of the 2019 Can, the city of Bafoussam which is in a sorry state was betting on the projects related to this competition alongside the Cd2 projects of the French Development Agency (AFD) to make its metamorphosis. This was apparent in official speeches. The withdrawal of the Can could therefore see these expectations disappointed or relegated to the gates of Greece.