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Monday, December 3, 2018

Withdrawal from the CAN: Paul Biya must entrust the file to Maurice Kamto

The decision of the extraordinary Executive Committee of CAF is understandable. Today, it is known that President Paul Biya no longer enjoys the credibility of world leaders. In doing so, any strategy that may weaken our country will be exploited to the smallest extent.

Yes, it's not about giving patriotism lessons to anyone. But the situation has become so grotesque to the point where some people are throwing us on the face "you have been denied CAN, how are you doing now." To wonder if you are Malian.

It must be understood. I spent my Saturday day at GICAM where the 9th edition of the entrepreneurs weekend was held. One of the speakers of the day was Roland Kwemain. He said that in all things there is first the inner dimension that counts. Others can not help you do what you do not believe in. Speaking of the withdrawal of the CAN in Cameroon, he said, I quote: "when the national harmony is not at the rendezvous nothing can progress."

Do not put any comments to remind me that the Ndokoti - PK 10 axis is a hell. I know that too. Because when I finished at GICAM Saturday, it was on this road that I went to go to Yaoundé. I was very disappointed too. But that's not why I have to applaud a decision that humiliates my country on the international stage. Doing it is more serious than betrayal.

We can even claim that heads fall, we can point to the inertia that led to this sad decision. But we must also walk the streets, like the yellow Gillets, to show our disapproval of this decision. To show our support for our country. Instead, we observe humor, complacency, mockery. It is unfair. Can you really applaud when the urban community destroys your poorly built house? Can you really laugh at your father when the bank takes his house that he had put in guarantee to acquire a debt?

Yes, that's what we're talking about here.Your father has a debt that he has mismanaged. It is wrong but you think that bankers should not take his house. Yes CAF can not be clearly justified. It's too easy when you know all the contours of this competition, when you know the change of the specifications in progress ... It should even rejoice that Cameroon has accepted all these changes.

The peace. Security. Let's talk about

the presidential election, I suggested that opposition parties like the MRC, the PURS, the CCP, SDF or UNIVERS do not participate. Only the CCP followed. At the time, I had justified myself by saying that we can not vote at home and forbid our NOSO brothers and sisters to give their words as well.

I said it because I knew that the presidential election could not be a solution to this crisis because I knew well that our electoral system could not allow a change by the ballot box in the current state of the institutions.

That no! Nobody found just what I said. In fact no one has put the NOSO people in his heart. They all started, they beat campaign without setting foot there. And today, the same people tell us that we can not celebrate when our brothers are at war.

Let's be logical: The organization of the CAN is entrusted to Cameroon in 2014. The problems at NOSO arrive in November 2016. Two years later. From 2017 to today, no real solidarity has been put in place to support our NOSO brothers. Some have made individual efforts, that's obvious. But when we follow this chronology, it jumps to the eye that we must avoid doing in ideological vagrancy, argumentative incoherence.

On the contrary, sport is universally known as a unifying element. Instead of shouting solidarity by refusing CAN. Why not shout solidarity by turning CAN in honor of the NOSO people. For example, by ensuring that the official language of this competition in 2019 at home is English?

That no! You prefer to weaken your country. You prefer to tell the world that they are right to try to destabilize you. But what you forget is that the world is a game of interest. You forget that Cameroon is currently in crisis. And that this economic crisis will continue. Personally, I saw the CAN as an honor for my country generally and personally as a golden opportunity.

Are we therefore very little ambitious?

If anyone reads this publication and has not yet thought about how to make the CAN 2019 profitable, it must know that it may be of little value to this country. That's why Samuel Eto'o Jr. is a boss for this country. He is a worthy son of 237. He did everything for the realization of the CAN and we did not support it. He came with the president of CAF so that it explains himself to the head of state that Cameroon was not ready to organize this competition. But I wish another worthy son to take over the work of Samuel Eto'o.

For that, I call the honor of Professor Maurice Kamto. He is on the same political side as Paul Biya. They are both Republicans. That is, people who place the nation's honor first and foremost. I hope that both of us will talk to each other to get back the CAN that CAF is stealing. And I know that the teacher will be up to winning. He has the temperament, the courage and the daring it takes to kind of record.

Let's make the most of this proposal, which will bring honor to our country.

Reporter: César Tchoffo