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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CAN Withdrawal: 'Ahmad Ahmad may be right'

"All Cameroonians, as one man scream HARO on the President of the CAF who has uttered nonsense for some, blasphemies for others.

Yet, I have the impression that this Ahmad is right to worry as many others worry whenever Cameroon is involved.

Admittedly, the talents of improvisation, amateurism, DIY, total ignorance of the commitment made by our leaders and their propensity to favor the individual interest to the detriment of the collective interest have crossed our borders! And it does not date from yesterday!!!!

Every time Cameroon has been involved with his peers, he has never proved his virtue! and it ends up being known!

If nothing is ready today, except for the speeches of the Ministers to lash out and to berate on a patriotism that they never learned in their schools (if they did) or tried to apply otherwise Is it tomorrow that something will be?

I think that AHMAD knows us better than ourselves: what are the promises we have been making for 35 years? The fight against endemic corruption? Rural or urban electrification works? Water connections? Health centers? I only mentioned projects related to the theme of expected constructions.

We are not going to talk about youth employment, the purchasing power of Cameroonian households, involvement in the public life of young people and women, security. Etc. Our national pride prevents us from being objective. There are steps for everything and the projects are judged step by step and when you have not reached the goal set for this period, you upset the balance. And it is not the day before the beginning of the competition that we will ask an Organizer (CAF) to begin to worry about the house that must accommodate its guests.

For my part, I will not shed any tears if we removed this organization in Cameroon, if only because this CAN has a scent of what I already know: opportunity of prebends in tens of millions, Pharaonic and useless infrastructures (affluence ) or unusable in the aftermath of group matches, sacrifice of priority projects, etc.

Rather than shouting Haro on the donkey, let us seize this opportunity to make our collective aggiornamento: the leaders in their options and the people in the expectations to formulate.

Let's say a big thank you. Cameroonian patriotism is still only the occasional discourse of those who first think of themselves! "

Source: Professor Claude Assira