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Friday, December 7, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: Western Region Governor Cites Leaders

Awa Fonka Augustine believes that the companies responsible for the infrastructure dedicated to the organization of the competition have greatly contributed to blacken the record of Cameroon. 

He had repeatedly put pressure on the companies selected for the construction or rehabilitation of infrastructure dedicated to the organization of the African Cup of Nations (Can 2019). Both during the field raids and during the evaluation meetings of the various projects, the governor of the Western Region caressed no one in the direction of the hair. In a firm tone, he strove to push every actor involved, from near and far, to take charge of his responsibilities.

Threats were uttered; instructions were given.Despite this, nothing really moved; the work continued with no turtle until the fateful day when the Confederation of African Football (Caf) decided to divest Cameroon of the organization of the competition.

The humiliation inflicted on Cameroon resurrected in the memory of Awa Fonka Augustine, memories of those times when he recalled the damaging consequences that the slowness of the contractors in the execution of projects could have on the final decision of the apex body of African football. During a meeting on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 with these companies, Awa Fonka Augustine did not hide his anger. "You can not betray the confidence of the government to this point. Most of you have been chosen over the counter by what you were trusted. You have shown that we were not right to trust you so much. I can assure you that the sanctions will follow. What happens is not a betrayal but a sabotage, "he said.

Notwithstanding the withdrawal of Can 2019 from Cameroon, work should proceed more quickly. Instructions to this effect have been given. "Before Can, after Can or without Can, all these projects were intended to improve the living conditions of Cameroonians. We are the first beneficiaries with either the construction of the hospital, or the development of the technical platform of the regional hospital;the construction of roads; either private investment with the construction of hotels;the improvement of the standing of Bafoussam airport; or other investments in the city of Bafoussam in particular and in the Western region in general. We were the main beneficiaries.

Because if the spectators arrived it was to stay in the hotels just during the period of the competition. The Head of State reminded us that he had made a commitment and commitment to his people and that must be respected. Everyone in their area of ​​expertise must ensure that it is effective. That both can play their part. I inform you that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will be on the ground again to visit all these sites.Everyone must take responsibility. If someone somewhere plays with the interest of the state, has fun with the Cameroonian people, he must be punished and punished, "hammered Awa Fonka Augustine.

According to the information provided by most of the companies concerned, the delivery of the various projects initially committed as a prelude to the Can 2019 will be done gradually. Precisely between February and April 2019.