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Monday, December 3, 2018

Withdrawal of CAN 2019: 'we have the opportunity to keep the organization'

"You are very numerous to have asked for my opinion on the withdrawal by CAF of the organization of CAN 2019 to our country. I think very sincerely and very humbly that we have the opportunity to roll back the CAF and keep the organization of this CAN, "wrote Abdouraman Hamadou this Sunday on his facebook page.

Remember that this man who has always campaigned for good management Cameroonian football is well known for its actions at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Indeed, Abdouraman had already dragged CAF in front of the TAS, mainly criticizing the latter's decision to increase from 16 to 24, the number of teams to participate in the next football CAN initially scheduled in Cameroon.

Abdouraman Hamadou said at the time, as if reading in a crystal ball that "the multifarious consequences that could have this decision that is likely in the long run, to give the CAF grounds to withdraw Cameroon from the organization of this competition, "today, time seems to be right, since Cameroon has just lost the organization of this great mass of continental football.

The strongman of Garoua will still be some time later in the spotlight, Abdouraman Hamadou will fiercely oppose the extension of the mandate of the standardization committee led by Dieudonn√© Happi, thus accusing FIFA of maneuvering to continue to control Cameroonian football through leaders she remotely  guards Remind also that Abdouraman Hamadou had won a battle against the illegal executive led by Tomi A Roko, and who has been at the helm of Cameroon football for almost two years.