Friday, December 14, 2018

Tribalism: the founder of the Marie Albert College declares war on the Bamileke

In an audio, EZE Marie Albert, founder of the school group that bears her name, indicates that the Bamileke are destabilizing Cameroon and have no right to quote in Yaounde, his hometown. Before we started recording her statements, she claimed that the Bamileke people are "boko haram" and that they must all be driven out of Yaounde. What she forgets is that her main customers are from this tribe that she claims to fight with the last energy. Starting today, we are launching a campaign against the Marie Albert institutions. Until she apologizes publicly for this behavior bordering on hatred and division.


Last Friday, our colleague Zephirin KOLOKO, director of the publication of the newspaper "L'Avenir" went to the College Marie Albert located in Ekounou district in Yaoundé. He was accompanied by one of his medical friends at the Yaoundé emergency center. It was for an appointment at the request of the founder of this establishment who wanted to give his version of the facts in relation to the complaints of parents and teachers of his school group. This before the publication of the article. Indeed, the writing of the newspaper was seized by parents who lament the beatings coupled with the degrading and inhuman treatment of their children by the staff of this school. Teachers accuse the founder of hitting them often by hand and cutting their pay without justification. "As soon as we arrived at his establishment, we were identified by his secretary who announced us.

The founder receives us and is available to answer our questions. She said she was waiting for us at the office. She normally answers our first question, but from the second question, she says that the journalist is not a judge. I told him who my name was KOLOKO, a journalist including the one who asks the questions. Elle tells me that in addition I am Bamileke. She says that she is at home in Yaoundé and that she has relations with the authorities and money too. And that she hates the Bamileke who invaded their capital and we have to go home. I ask her to call who she wants and that I will see who will stop me because I came to ask for his version of the facts or because I am Bamileke.

She calls one of her "friends" magistrate who would have asked her to answer just our questions. Humiliated, she asks me to be identified again. I oppose his request categorically because I got identified when I arrived at the scene. That's when she breaks the phone of my friend's doctor and threatens to slap me like his teachers. I ask him to do it. She reminds me again that she has money. And she will call the commissioner. I ask her to call who she still wants. She contacts the commissioner. The latter arrives. The founder explains that I refuse to introduce myself. The commissioner asks her for the identification register of the visitors she could not present. This register does not exist in passing.

Faced with my categorical refusal to be identified again in front of this woman sulphurous, the Commissioner wished that we go to do it in his office at the police station of the 14th district. At the police station, they wanted us to target a PV whose object is trading influence. I refused to do so because no one has ever lodged a complaint against me. To my surprise, two school officials came to "see" the commissioner as we were preparing to leave the school. So goes Cameroon, "said our colleague zephirin KOLOKO

Source: The Future