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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CONFIDENTIAL: a coup in preparation since Kondengui?

The Yaoundé-Kondengui Central Prison carried out an early morning search of all the chambers of the special districts where its housed former barons of the Biya regime who are serving long prison sentences mainly for embezzlement of public funds.

Many effects, including cell phones, have been seized, with a particularly harsher treatment of journalist Ahmadou Vamoulké, former director general of CRTV, Iya Mohammed the former president of Fecafoot and CEO of Sodecoton, and Basil Atangana Kouna the former Minister of Energy and Water and other..

By suspecting them of planning a coup against the Biya regime, their executioners, including the infamous Justice Minister Laurent Esso, are trying to bribe them to charge them with new charges in order to keep them alive for life. jail.

The current Cameroon is a time bomb has several slow meches. there is one who has been smoking in the Anglophone area for 24 months with the consequences we all know. Are the Kondengui prisoners responsible for the massacre of our English-speaking brothers? That Laurent Esso recovers the telephones of Atanga NJI, Issa Tchiroma and the wife of Alain Mebe Ngo'o Mrs. Didier Ngo Badjeck.

A popular revolution is being prepared for the liberation of Cameroon, Cameroonians and Cameroonians.

Journalist: Patrice Nouma