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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Supposed dead of Biya: and if Guy Parfait Songue was right?

On October 7, 2018, the day of the presidential election in Cameroon, Dr. Guy perfect thinks, made a post from its maturity to awaken the consciences of Cameroonian about the candidacy of a dead.

Public opinion, as usual, has brushed aside this outflow, not without accompanying the lack of consideration of the person Dr. Guy perfect song by insults and burnt remarks up to treat him of mentally ill, consumer of narcotics, false prophet, crook.

Now, many rumors, more and more prevalent in social networks give rise to questions about the prophecy that announced the death of the head of state before the elections.

Doctor Guy perfect song (general of God) would he finally be right?

All the same, why this silence of the media, political parties and their leaders and civil society on this highly sensitive and institutional issue?

Is CRTV really complicit? Do Cameroonian institutions really play their role?

And if the decrees that allowed the convocation of the electoral body, the constitutional court, the reshuffle before the elections, the appointment of members of the Senate, the recruitment of teachers etc, were all wrong because of the death of the president, according to the rumors, since February 4, 2018?

Who have been running Cameroon for 10 months?

Opinions suggest that in a country where the dead are admitted to competitions in large schools, where the dead vote in elections, where deaths are often assigned as administrators or principals of institutions.. A president of the republic, even dead, can continue to rule with "prefabricated" look-alikes to serve a group of people who is determined to keep power to the detriment of the common people.

Faced with what we can now consider, pending verification (fingerprints, DNA test ...), as the coup of the century, that think the Cameroon on the prophecy of Dr. Guy perfect song? Is he really crazy or was he just a big step ahead of everyone including those who wanted to make him look like a fool ??? !!!

Ignorance is also considered a refusal to understand.

My people perished for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4: 6)

Columnist: Maeva Sanchez