Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sparrowhawk: Mebe Ngo'o and Co. mystically neutralize Paul Biya "RETRO"

Having integrated esoteric sects or making abundant use of the gris-gris of marabouts and fetishers, the gravediggers of the public fortune consider themselves invulnerable.

It is difficult not to integrate this thesis in view of the behavior of public wealth managers since the launch of Operation Sparrowhawk in 2006. Both the arrests and convictions of former managers in the context of this operation of sanitation, public morals, do not produce the expected deterrent effect.

If the presence of former regime heavyweights currently in jail does not dissuade them, it is clear that these personalities, ministers, directors general, project leaders, board chairs, firmly believe that they are untouchable.

They believe, according to a certain opinion, their belonging to esoteric sects that offer protection and invulnerability. Thus, they believe hard that their management differences will be ignored, they will go unnoticed before the investigators of the CONSUPE, CONAC or ANIF, that the bloodhounds who mount the files and make the arrests will not stop not on their name.

To achieve this, they bring marabouts from all over the country. Paid at great expense, they are often housed in luxury hotels in Yaoundé. During the night rites, they offer decoctions, scarifications, spiritual baths, etc.

In public opinion, they are credited with the macabre practices of ritual crimes that hit the headlines in Yaounde in 2012 and 2013. The organs taken from victims (genitals, heart, eyes, etc.) would be used to perform rituals that confer invulnerability, longevity at the post, promotion or victory at an election.

False beliefs for those henchmen of the devil who always end up falling between the claws of the hawk. The facts, throughout the 12 years of the history of Operation Sparrowhawk in Cameroon should yet call for more wisdom and discernment.

In the prisons, there are two former Secretaries General of the Presidency of the Republic who have gone to the trap: Jean Marie Atangana Mebara and Marafa Hamidou Yaya. A former prime minister: Inoni Ephraim. Managing directors of state-owned companies: Gervais Mendo Ze, Amadou Vamoulke, Joseph Edou, Gilles Roger Belinga, Emmanuel GĂ©rard Ondo Ndong, Alphonse Siyam Siewe, Zachaeus Fordjidam, Iya Mohammed.

Former ministers: Polycarpe Abah Abah, Urban Olanguena Awono, to name but a few.

Their conviction for misappropriation of public funds did not prevent those who come to join them today in prison to continue the indeciseness that was blamed on those who preceded them at these posts and in these prisons.

The new arrests, the new prohibitions to leave the territory sufficiently show that the gravediggers of the public fortune, believe themselves invulnerable. Obviously, they all suffer from the same hard-to-treat illness: lack of patriotic pride and lack of dignity.

Source: The Essential No. 152