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Friday, December 28, 2018

Sparrowhawk: Linus Toussaint Mendjana arrested and taken to the police station

The outgoing director of Enam missed the official installation ceremony of his successor Monday. He was reportedly detained some hours earlier, unofficial sources said. 

The notable absence of Linus Toussaint Mendjana, deputy director-general of the Ecole normale d'administration et de magistrature (Enam), raises questions. He should have taken part in the ceremony of passing of witnesses of his successor, Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula. Which was appointed Friday, December 14, 2018, by the head of state Paul Biya.

Linus Toussaint Mendjana was arrested when he was preparing to go to the scene of the event, said Monday. He was discreetly taken to the judicial police in Elig-Essono, where he was heard all day.

Until the end of the evening yesterday, Linus Toussaint Mendjana was still in the premises of the Judicial Police. His driver and bodyguard were seen there. No information relating to this interrogation had yet filtered when the journalist reporter left the premises of the police around 19h. It is also impossible to say what was the outcome of this procedure.