Saturday, December 15, 2018

Serail: how Chantal Biya delivered Ngoh Ngoh to Paul Biya

During the CoMipcam chaired by the Prime Minister a few days ago to take stock of what has not worked in the preparations for the CAN 2019, Bidoung Mkpatt alias Mini Pam has made a real indictment against the organizers.

What is written in the letter that you can see opposite has nothing to do with the virulent words he addressed during the meeting at the Primature. Unusual facts, he attacked and attacked as rarely a minister did in the presence of the PM, Philemon Yang.

Behind this offensive, Mini Pam PAM was doing her job: posting the SGPR, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH with the permission of the First Lady.

For several months, it is she who serves as a transmission belt between him and Paul Biya. After each inspection of the CAF, the native of Nanga Eboko secretly sent a report to the head of state via the first lady.

More seriously, being from the same village as Ngoh Ngoh, he had managed to infiltrate his closest entourage to the point of knowing everything that was happening at the general secretariat.

It is in this logic that the text read and distributed to participants in the meeting of the CoMipcam has previously obtained the presidential approval. Become public enemy number 1, the SGPR tried somehow to neutralize it. The last attempt was the visit of Ahmad and Eto'o to the Head of State. The SGPR had ensured the shelving of Mini Pam who paradoxically did not attend the hearing.

Following the debacle suffered by the non-organization of the CAN in 2019, we now understand the great confidence felt by the actor in the face of threats of reshuffle cabinet. Convinced to have alerted the presidential couple in time on the excesses of the gang Ngoh Ngoh, Mini Pam knows himself untouchable.

What about Seraphin Magloire Fouda and Ayem Monger NGOH NGOH companions who have not yet said their last words. The next hours are succulent.

Tomorrow: Revelations on the purchase of CAN material for CRTV. Or how Tchiroma, Seraphin Fouda and NGOH NGOH have tried to collect more than 3 billion FCFA retro commissions.

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Reporter: Boris Bertolt