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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Serail: the decree of the reshuffle (finally) signed, Paul Biya threatened

In general, the reshuffling of the post-presidential government in Cameroon comes during the first decade of December. Christmas gift for entrants, the reshuffle at this time of the month of the holiday season allows the "ejected" to digest their "misadventure" before the festivities.

But now we have reached the second decade of the month, and nothing has been done yet, as the numerous scandals that have emerged since CAF's decision to formally and irrevocably withdraw the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon should to incite the "re-elected" head of state to kick the government anthill.

What is happening ? What did not work?The president "declared re-elected by the republican institutions" - according to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs - and not by the Cameroonians he enjoys the fullness of his powers regal impulse of the governmental action or is it only the puppet manipulated by those who manipulated the results of the polls to drive him back to the head of the state, the time to find him a successor?

In any case the Cameroonians do not understand that Paul Biya shows such powerlessness, if only to get angry against a government of "d├ętourneurs "public funds that made him lie globally on his personal commitment to make Cameroon" ready the "day said" "for the CAN 2019. It had been learned however that on December 1, the president, angered by the decision of the CAF, had banned access to the presidency to the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the man by whom, unquestionably the misfortune has happened.

It became clear that a crisis of confidence had settled between the first (athlete) Cameroonian and his scribe who proved unable to carry out a small mission of construction of sports facilities to 1500 billion, the truckload of sand to 700,000 francs, to the bag of cement to 16,500 F.CFA or to the iron bar to 12,000 francs, without "sucking the finger" until the phalanges.

But how is it explained that despite all this tense atmosphere, the far-reaching presidential acts were only brought to the attention of Cameroonians by the pen of the unscrupulous Secretary General, as was the case with the decision to release 289 English speakers arrested in the context of the Anglophone crisis, while the president should simply have signed a decree bearing his own stamp instead of letting a third bear the "glory" of speaking in his place?

The answer, our sleuthing has come to have by reading sources close to the presidency and the state radio and television (CRTV), which claim that November 30, the day of the formalization of the withdrawal by the CAF of the CAN in Cameroon, Paul Biya, who had been expecting it since his meeting in early October with CAF boss Ahmad Ahmad, had already signed a large-scale reorganization decree from Philemon Yang, and that decree had even been sent for publication in the traditional state media (CRTV TV and radio, as well as the newspaper Cameroon Tribune that was to be supported in its special edition on Saturday by the propaganda body of the ruling party, the Action.)

On their side, the site of the presidency and other cybernetic media set up by the regime's pundits and the army for communication purposes, went do the work in line). But it was without counting with the chain of solidarity which was woven in the mafia milieu of the businessmen who constitute his more or less close collaborators.

While waiting for the time to read the presidential decree, the order came from the presidency to postpone it. He would have been ordered by the President to wait until the real holders of power see more clearly in the list of new ministers he had concocted without their approval, but rather that of certain advisers he had recently recruited at their own expense. knowledge.

The president would also be put in a situation where all his acts would be made public, as for some time, by the "vice-president" Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, except for cases where the latter would not want to be noticed. right off the mark, even though he would be the instigator of the decision.

This is the case of the latest appointments of Directors General of companies and public institutions who experienced skydiving at the head of the largest school in the country, the ENAM (National School of Administration and Judiciary) of a young man without known background, in recognition of the contribution of his father, traditional chief of the Yezoum tribe in the department of Haute-Sanaga, who would have played at a time of his interpersonal skills for the politico-administrative development of the now omnipotent Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.