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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Secret meeting between emissaries of Biya and secessionists

The dialogue that was initially perceived by the separatists and their supporters as the one and only way out of the Anglophone crisis, was flatly rejected at the same time by the power of Yaound√©, formally resistant to any idea of ​​negotiation.

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To see it very closely, these positions on both sides of the two warring parties in conflict for or against secession, were in reality a game of cunning vis-à-vis the opinion both national than international.

The dialogue or even the summit negotiations between the Yaounde government and the English-speaking separatists or their supporters would have taken place. Paul Biya's decree of 30th November last concerning the disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants was only the final result of this process.

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According to our information, it is Tapang Ivo, the self-proclaimed general of the Restoration forces, a kind of army of the state of Ambazonia, who lifted the veil.

Indeed, he accused live and in a video he put on the web, that the secretary general of the interim government of "Ambazonia State", Chris Anu, received money and pots of wine from a delegation directly sent by President Paul Biya with the aim of definitively ending the war by a process of progressive stopping of the dead cities that these two English-speaking regions are experiencing every Monday since two years.

Still to believe information is after this political agreement with the support or senior cadres of English-speaking separatists including Secretary General Chris Anu that President Paul Biya took the resolution to sign a decree to put ball on the ground and declare the end of the war in the conflict zones in Cameroon.

Whatever the case may be, our sources indicate without any risk of being contradicted, that a delegation of Paul Biya would have had discussions at the summit with another delegation that we have not been able to identify until now.

In a letter of protest, Chris Anu, the defendant, flatly denies such a statement by Tapang Ivo that he finds it regrettable to say the least and asks the limit, a public apology to show in the eyes of their activists that he, Chris Anu and his comrades, have not betrayed the struggle.