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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Resistance Plan: Kamto increasingly isolated by its activists

After two days of bitter arguments that marked the public hearings of the post-election dispute over the presidential election of October 7, the appeal of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (Mrc) will ultimately rejected on October 18 last. The reactions will not be long in coming. " I'm disappointed.

We are in a terrible history where the Constitutional Council has just illustrated itself as a guest room of Mr. Biya. We will not recognize Paul Biya as [our] President. [Our] President is Maurice Kamto, and Cameroonians will be built in the coming years, "will promise the campaign manager of the" penalty shooter ", Paul Eric Kingué.

In a less radical position, party lawyers will also decide. "I can say with certainty that what happened in Yaoundé in 2018 is unprecedented in this country. For us, it's only a step and tomorrow, we'll come back stronger and better", suggested Emmanuel Simh, who is also one of Mrc's vice-presidents. For Sylvain Souop, "(...) the small people discovered that it is possible to be able to move the lines with the laws of Cameroon, with the Cameroonian system. You just have to be tough and work so that tomorrow there will be a real change. "

Hard or soft, these remarks preceded the entry into scene, at the end of last October, of the phase I of the National Plan of resistance (Pnr) of Mrc, shortly before the ceremony of swearing of Paul Biya, which took place on November 06 last. This event, Maurice Kamto and his family had planned to disrupt it through a string of actions both abroad and on the national triangle, including the display of "wild frauds" prevailing in the presidential election.

"Anti-sardinards Brigade"

Faced with threats from the Mrc to initiate street demonstrations in Yaounde, the tone rises. The government, through the Minister of Territorial Administration, promises that people who would attempt an insurrectional movement would be subjected to all the rigor of the law. On 27 October in Douala, 45 demonstrators under the leadership of Michèle Ndoki try to defy the ban on public demonstrations by the administrative authorities. They are arrested just at the beginning of the so-called peaceful march by law enforcement forces and taken to the regional judicial police division of Littoral. The trial opened as a result of this movement was resolved Tuesday, December 4, with the abandonment of all charges against demonstrators by the Court of First Instance (Tpi) of Douala.

In Yaounde, on November 6th, day of Paul Biya's swearing in as President of the re-elected Republic, Maurice Kamto gathers some activists, not at the esplanade of the Omnisports stadium Ahmadou Ahidjo as announced, but at the roundabout level. Nlongkak point. He barely speaks to them before a squad of gendarmes and police arrives and embarks them. The Mrc's boss will be taken immediately to his home in the Santa Barbara district where he is under house arrest without any decision from the judge for a few days.

Meanwhile, a duel "Tontinards (supporters of Maurice Kamto" against "Sardinards (supporters of Paul Biya") is gaining momentum.On social networks, verbal jousting between the two tendencies bogged down. behind the famous Anti-Sardinards Brigade (Bas), a movement born in the Cameroonian diaspora, hostile to artists who took part in the concert organized for the victory of the standard-bearer of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc), September 22 in Yaoundé, the

opinion seemed to believe until November 20, the day when the proxy of Maurice Kamto in the last presidential and no less national treasurer of the party, Alain Fogué Tedom, will bring a formal denial on the air waves. radio based in Douala "The Mrc has never been far or close to this case (anti-sardinards brigade, editor's note.) The Mrc is not the Brigade you are talking about." And add , indignant: "We must notnot to render Mr. Kamto responsible for the initiatives that were taken without his consent ". By this clarification, the party dissociates itself from the rumors that taint its reputation. And announced on November 22, Phase II of the Pnr.

At a press briefing organized for this purpose by Maurice Kamto spokesperson Olivier Bibou Nissack, Mrc's position that "has nothing to do with an insurrection" will be adjusted. A day of commemoration called "No to the electoral hold-up" is established and the party declares "systematically all the events planned so that, from now on, the rape of the law is proved in addition to the violation of the Constitution". These are the new ingredients of resistance.

English crisis

However, since his return from Addis Ababa on November 19, this last measure (statement of event) recommended by the "penalty shooter" who does not want to lose any "resistant" unnecessarily, seems not to have met the membership of all his supporters in the opinion. "People have a completely wrong perception of Maurice Kamto's positions. Since the beginning, he has always had fairly flexible positions.

Initially, the National Resistance Plan did not ask that people manifest in disorder. They thought he (Maurice Kamto, Ed. ) was a go-to-war. This is what the public can not grasp... I do not understand why we caricature it as someone who has gone down a notch, "says Paul Eric Kingué, who thinks that Maurice Kamto antipodes of his positions to him.

Which, he says, are totally extremist. "What sets him apart from me in this case is that I wanted a complete radicalization. The greatest chance this regime had was that it was Maurice Kamto who was a candidate and not me. Adds the Campaign Director of the Mrc's Standard-Bearer.

More moderate, Me Emmanuel Simh argues that the decision to now declare any demonstration of Mrc concerning Pnr, should be the subject of any debate. "We are men who certainly can not agree on everything, all the time. But the National Resiliency Plan in its Phase II does not suffer from any problem within the party.

Just let it evolve and you'll see what we do, "he says. Equally weighted, Michèle Ndoki believes that with the declaration of manifestation - which is not a novelty within the party - there is talk of putting the state face its responsibilities. For, she says, "some members of the government have criticized the Mrc for exercising its constitutional right to protest in the margins of the law."

Therefore, "it is now (with this measure, Editor's note) to take the entire national community to witness," argues the lawyer for which currently, within the Mrc, there is no "current diverge and misunderstanding, "given current issues such as peace or the socio-political situation in the North West and South West. Announced on November 27 in a video of the "President-elect", the sightings of "half-days, days cities and dead villages and gigantic peaceful marches" constitute new "forms of expression" of resistance to the electoral heist.

Intended to be put in place gradually, they aim to force the power to find "significant measures necessary" to resolve the Anglophone crisis. Established in this regard on 30 November by presidential decree, the National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (Cnddr), former Boko Haram fighters and armed groups in the north-west and southwest regions, appears to be a hand of power to secessionist groups active in the English-speaking part. It should be noted that in Phase II, the Pnr consists of "observing half a day without activity" every Monday from 13h. The plan that was to be implemented as of December 3rd is not effective.

Source: Mutations No. 4756