Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Reshuffle in the administration: here's what's over in the appointments

Judith Yah Sunday was named this Friday at the head of Cameroon telecommunications (Camtel, the incumbent telecommunications operator in Cameroon). 

Pierre Bertrand Soumbou Angoula, a young magistrate of the first rank, of about thirty years was brought to the head of the National School of Administration and Judiciary (Enam, prestigious school of sovereignty).

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Mompea Mbio was appointed by the board of directors at the head of the Cameroon Company of petroleum depots (Scdp, a company that ensures the storage and distribution of petroleum products in Cameroon).

Other curiosities in the presidential texts of Friday night, appointments to prominent positions, several personalities unknown to the general public.

Choices that do not fit in the habits of President Biya in power for 36 years and whose political staff is not recruits out of his circle.

KOACI had announced it, in an article of November 7, 2018 the day after the swearing of the current mandate.

Source: Koaci.com