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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Renewable energies: how criminals roll Paul Biya in the flour!

Aware of the role that can be played by new energies, the President of the Republic has ordered the establishment of initiatives to propel the country towards emergence by 2035. Unlike other countries of the sub-region, the project is a big failure in Cameroon. Corruption, racketeering, hijacking... Welcome to the arena of organized gang plunder!

Today, everyone agrees that any economic and social development of a nation is impossible without energy. And that renewable energy is a vital alternative for any nation. An area where the Cameroonian potential sparkles glittering promises. Aware of this issue, the Cameroonian head of state signed in 2012 a decree reorganizing the Ministry of Water and Energy (Minee). Thus will be created a direction in charge of the development of renewable energies. Several new and renewable energy projects have therefore been identified. Some of them are completed such as the lighting of the Yaoundé-Soa axis and the Mvomeka'a solar power plant.

The government will engage with the Chinese company Huawei, negotiations to electrify solar 1000 localities of Cameroon. However, given the current situation, the base of the localities to be electrified has been revised to 350. This will be the subject of the signing of a financing agreement by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development. Land Use Planning (Minepat) to encourage Huawei to help the Cameroonian government obtain financing from Chinese banks. The file will evolve until the financing of the first phase of the project of electrification of 166 localities by photovoltaic solar systems which aims at the construction of 166 mini-solar power plants with a total capacity of 11.2 MW, the setting up of networks distribution and installation of an energy metering and billing system to power 22,000 households across the 10 regions. This, to overcome the problem of electrification of areas not covered by the Eneo network. The info clear and sharp. The first problem concerns the estimated cost of 53.7 billion CFA francs for a total capacity of 11.2 MW, while for a similar 30 MW solar power plant project in Senegal, took 28 billion FCFA. Is !

On the proposal of Basile Atangana Kouna (Don Basilio), the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang miraculously appointed, June 2, 2015, Nelson Asanji Che to the post of director of the project. The latter is a teacher of lower secondary general schools (Dipes I). The other collaborators will be appointed by the Minee including Mrs. Essomba, teacher of training Eniet but bombarded as Legal Expert in the project. At the time of the project, some elements of the specifications will be ignored including the quality and quantity of the material to use.

Aluminum cables. In the specifications, for example, it is stated that the power cables must be copper, but in the field, it is the aluminum cable that drives the energy produced by the power plants. And yet, in a confidential document of which we had a copy, a document listing the material bought in China (Hong Kong) and whose amounts appear, it is written in black and white that Cameroon has bought the copper cables. The portal of the Cameroonian diaspora of Belgium. Where are these copper cables, since the aluminum cable is used in construction sites? According to specialists in the field, aluminum cable is 3 times less expensive than copper. It is therefore clear that the criminals whose brain is Atangana Kouna have made a profit of nearly 7 billion on the purchase of cables. A well-informed source on the project reveals that this diversion is organized in intelligence with officials of the presidency of the Republic, the Prime Ministry, the Minépat and the Minee.

52 million SGPR gone up for fuel in two years. The other no less negligible aspect of the project is the management of the fuel line. For example, in 2016 after the implementation of the project management, 27 million were spent on the fuel line while the project did not yet have vehicles. No accounting justification is provided to support disbursement of such an amount. Contacted to have some answers, Asandji Nelson sends us back to ex-Minee Basile Atangana Kouna who is currently languishing in Kondengui Central Prison. In the 2017 fiscal year, the project spent CFAF 25 million for fuel. Here too, no coin is brought to justify the release of so much money just for fuel. In this regard, the project director tells us that it was Basile Atangana Kouna who had ordered this expenditure.

Let us point out to our readers that Sieur Asadji and Dame Essomba after their appointments in the project in 2015, fraudulently continued to emigrate illegally in state coffers until July 2018, this in contradiction with the legislation of the function public that indicates that in case of appointment in a state project, the official must report it to the Ministry of Public Service pure that a zero ballot is produced, in order to avoid the accumulation of two salaries. In violation of this rule, Asadji and Ms. Essomba continued to crunch both state wages. The two rogues owe the State of Cameroon nearly 20 million F CFA. This act sufficiently demonstrates the bad faith of the project director who, in a serious republic, has already been deposed. To be continued…