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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Re-election: the secret of Paul Biya's method

It is already 36 years since Paul Biya holds the reins of power in Cameroon. The secret of this long lease is somewhat unveiled by those who yesterday whispered in his ear. And when the winds of a new ministerial reshuffle are in the air, "no one can say how he will proceed. He takes the advice, he isolates himself and makes his decision. That's how he always has been. The president thinks a lot, he isolates himself often and makes his decision, he has always been the same, "says his former friend, General Pierre Semengue.

In opinion, Paul Biya's long expectations are known, even to frustrate. Yet, the man is endowed with a beautiful spirit. "He is sweet. He speaks with skeptical positivism. He has an insightful analysis of a number of problems. He does not trouble himself very quickly. He is patient, he knows how to wait, he is waiting, "insists Joseph Owona. Some evening visitors of Paul Biya emphasize in him the attachment to refined things.

He is ready, it is said, when you are close to him, to make you resume a correspondence because there were detected some grammatical or orthographic inaccuracies.  Which seems to be confirmed. "I greatly admired his taste for detail," says Abouem to Tchoyi, for whom the President of the Republic always ensures in his public management that he does not harm a group of the population. The taste for detail one day "we went to tell him that I had collected personal hygiene papers at home. He called me to ask if it was true, "remembers Abouem in Tchoyi.

Source: Benchmarks No. 696