Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Re-election of Biya: the G20 totally divided on the sharing of the cake

The G20 is divided more than ever as President Paul Biya pursues appointments to the governing apparatus. Obviously, rewards are expected within this group of 20 political parties that supported the reelected head of state after the presidential election of October 7. It is Banda Kani, the president of the New People's Movement (NMP), who puts the foot in the dish. "You want to know the truth? Well, I'll tell you. I was contacted by people (G20 members) who were asking me to attend a meeting because, they said, a document has arrived, and everyone has to mention what they want as a post. This is not serious. I can not go to such a meeting, "he finally said during the telephone interview yesterday, December 16, 2018. Then the politician added," I take my words. "

Banda Kani reacts well after the G20 meeting held in Yaounde last Friday, December 14, with three points to the order of day, according to the press release signed by Benz Enow Bate, a member of this group, also chairman of the Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP).Officially, the work that took place at his residence in the Odza district, focused on the evaluation of G20 activities during the last presidential election, the prospects for this political gathering, and finally the preparation of a meeting planned for Bertoua, the chief town of the Eastern region. The info clear and clear .However, during the press conference following the meeting, Benz Enow Bate, answering the questions of the journalists, lashed out at three members of the platform: Jean de Dieu Momo du Paddec , Nmp's Banda Kani and MP Robert Bapooh Lipot from Upc.They were all absent. "Here it is not the UPC where there are factions. So we do not want factions, "said Benz Enow Bate.Then he continued: "I personally called Bapooh Lipot who refused to come to meet us. I am not afraid of anyone. We are all members of the G20. This is neither the house of Momo, nor that of Banda Kani, nor Bapooh Lipot. Benz Enow Bate would have liked to say more, but his peers have asked him to stop.


They insisted on the essentials according to them; to know the future of the G20.This platform has a kind of office, headed by Benz Enow Bate who serves as spokesperson. His deputy is Benoit Olivier Essomba, president of the Union for the Benevolence of Cameroon (UBC). The General Secretariat is provided by Guy Roland Mendeng Ebanda of the Patriotic Front for the Liberation of the People (FPLP). Among the councilors, there is Tita Samuel Fon who, after being excluded from the Cameroon People's Party (CPP), enjoys today the recognition of the Minister of Territorial Administration. In a ministerial decree signed last July, Paul Atanga Nji recognized Tita Samuel Fon as the only representative of the party hitherto led by Kah Walla.

Last Friday, the Secretary General, Guy Roland Mendeng Ebanda, insisted on the new political orientation of the G20. "It is now positioned between two extremes. On one side the ruling party and the government. On the other, the radical opposition. We are a group at the center, Republicans. We become a force of proposal on the socio-political situation of Cameroon, "he explained. Still, the essence of the G20 remains support for President Paul Biya, says Benz Enow Bate. He was the one who congratulated Paul Biya on ending the legal proceedings against 289 detainees in the Anglophone crisis.

This output of the G20 is not justified, think Jean de Dieu Momo and Banda Kani.Accused of driving for themselves, they respond that the mission of this group is over the evening of the victory of Paul Biya in the presidential election of October 7 last. Jean de Dieu Momo explains his position: "The G20 are political parties of different persuasions who have come together to support a candidate. This has been done successfully. If we need to go further, we must discuss it. I remain open to the discussion by saying that my party and I do not pursue a pecuniary interest.We are conquering power, that is to say, elective positions. Appointments are not excluded. "

As for Banda Kani, he argues:" The G20 brings me nothing today. I had been contacted by the power for a coalition in favor of President Paul Biya. This has been done. For me, this coalition no longer exists; unless the power contacts me again and asks me to go further. "

Source: camer.be