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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Post-election climate: Paul Biya humiliated in Bertoua

Several portraits of the Head of State posted during the presidential campaign drag on the ground in the arteries of the capital of the East.

Half torn, or totally destroyed, these effigies supposed to be removed after the presidential election of October 7 have not been so far. "How can we allow the image of the President of the Republic to deteriorate to this level?" Asks a curious citizen of the city holding in hand an effigy of the Head of State parceled and covered with dust. The electoral process was completed with the swearing of the Head of State on November 6, 2018, the giant portraits of "the strength of the experience" that many supporters of the man of November 6 showed in every corner of the streets during the presidential campaign were abandoned to mother nature.

A situation that seems to be of no concern to Bertoua. Neither the administrative authorities, nor the municipal magistrates, nor those responsible for the Rdpc, let alone the communications company that had won this lucrative market. For some activists of the Rdpc, "these acts of vandalism are the work of the dissatisfied opposition parties in the run-up to the last presidential election. Many of them argued that the winner was known in advance since the Constitutional Council had declared inadmissible all the appeals filed for post-electoral disputes ". Even if some consider that the victory of their candidate was stolen, they willingly accepted the results examined by this august jurisdiction.

Security measures

"If the candidate of the Rdpc did not blame himself for anything, he was not going to put policemen and gendarmes in every corner of streets as was the case the day of the proclamation of the results," says a Mrc micant who thinks that "the power of Yaoundé feared a possible protest because he was not sure of his victory".Although the tension was noticeable only in the cities of Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam, the authorities of the Eastern Region had taken special security measures to prevent any eventual uprising. In all the crossroads of the city of Bertoua, elements of the defense forces, the gendarmerie units and the police had been posted close to the sensitive places armed to the point, to watch all the deeds and gestures of the populations.

In the Gendarmerie Legion of the East, other elements were mobilized in combat suits, arms, shields and tear gas, tidy and ready to intervene if necessary. For André Fomen, an observer of the local political scene, "although the respect for the norms relating to the public display of the campaign gadgets of the candidates in this presidential election had not been respected, steps should be taken to avoid that the image of an elected president is being cut off. An analysis shared by many people in the city. But for a certain opinion, the municipalities and local officials of the Rdpc, are guarantors of these acts of vandalism.

"The Rdpc is a big party that has means.Where does it come from that the image of their national president is so neglected?These local elected officials and the leaders of this party must know that they have the duty to accompany President Paul Biya in all his actions, including in the preservation of his image, "says Francis Doko, an activist Rdpc of the section Lom-and-Djèrem South 2. This last threat to write to the hierarchy of the party in case nothing will be done. Meanwhile, effigies at "The Force of Experience" face vandalism, and the dust of this early dry season.

Source: Essigan N ° 147