Saturday, December 15, 2018

Operation Sparrowhawk: NKotto Émane and Issa Tchiroma soon to Kondengui

This is a question that teases the spirits in the entourage of the current CEO of CAMTEL who does not miss the opportunity to recall that he has done much for the family of the head of state and the regime's pundits offering employment to their wives or recruiting their children. Moreover, one of the sons of Martin Belinga Eboutou, former director of the civil cabinet, was in his direct cabinet, in charge of his security and used this position to take money from young Cameroonians, promising to be recruited at CAMTEL. Some paid and were never recruited. Beyond the silver suitcases one can understand the close bond that bound him to TOM DOLLAR.

But an interesting fact seems to have happened today. Paul Biya visited the Chinese company Huawei strongly committed to telecommunications in Cameroon in the absence of David NKotto Emane, the boss of CAMTEL where Huawei has invested money and works closely with the government. Is not it surprising?

For, at the same time, Paul Biya visited the headquarters of startimes engaged in the rehabilitation of the Crtv and the TNT project in the presence of Charles Ndongo without Issa Tchiroma. Recall nevertheless about Chiroma that during one of his returns from China after a visit to the headquarters of Startimes, Chinese airport police had discovered huge amounts of currency in the gandouras of the Minister of Communication.

It is important to note, however, that David NKOTTO Émane is currently banned from leaving the country, as well as 7 other people at CAMTEL. CAMTEL's Dg currently relies on MVONDO Ayolo, whom he nevertheless called lazy. He recently had his sister named. As to say even to men we are charming.

However Biya can not stop NKOTTO Emane without relieving him of his duties as General Manager.

Columnist: Boris Bertolt