Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ngaoundéré: this is the state of the five presidential residences

Of the five presidential residences located in the administrative district of Ngaoundéré, only one has had a facelift in 2017. And this, following the award of this one to the new rector of the University of Ngaoundéré, Uphie Chinje Melo. Which has also created a controversy maintained by some media. "I do not know who is behind the controversy. But it is a house that was granted to me by a note from the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, as rector of the University of Ngaoundere, and I live there. The day I'm no longer rector, I'll leave her. Curiously, this note was published in a newspaper, "responded the rector Uphie Chinje, in an interview granted to your newspaper on June 8, 2018.

Yet the other presidential residences are in the undergrowth. "You will notice that the residences of Garoua and Maroua are maintained and guarded. But in Ngaoundéré, it is the abandonment, the people looted them ", explains a resident of the region water tower of Cameroon. It is therefore a sad scenery that currently characterizes these residences. Especially those below the residence of the Governor of Adamaoua. Two families, mostly mothers and their children, live in these places. In these broken windows, recessed doors, faded walls, all in a forest of cobwebs, well framed by grasses on the outside; these families have made it their "promised land".

"These houses belong to the governor. It has not been another year that we are in this house. It was the governor who lodged us here. We stayed first in the Haut-Plateau district. We only stay like that in this house, "we learn in the first residence. "We've been here for a year," says a lady in the second home. Families with physical proletarians, who nevertheless have water at home. Which flowed without stopping, in the day of December 10, 2018.


The residences had been built for Presidents of the Republic. "We built these residences at the same time as the Transcam hotel and the Ngaoundéré passenger station. It is in these residences that the African presidents were welcomed who were invited to the inauguration of the passenger station and the Ngaoundéré-Garoua road, in 1974 ", confides a retired policeman, former of the close guard of the president Ahidjo.

"I was seconded to the residence opposite the current Crtv station with three heads of state. There was President Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, President Tombalbaye of Chad. But, at the inauguration of the passenger station, there was President Ahidjo who was the host, President Bongo of Gabon, Marien Ngouabi of the Congo, Tombalbaye of Chad, Bokassa of the Central African Republic and Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea" , he says.

This golden age gives way today to desolation. "These residences have the same plan, they consist of a ground floor and a floor. People looted, but we never heard that robbers were arrested in these homes, which were all equipped. And now, we see in the two presidential residences below that of the governor, women with children who are settled, "laments our source.

"In Garoua, there was a governor who orchestrated, with the military, the theft of all the furniture that was in the residence where Ahidjo had hosted the president. Mitterrand. The latter have removed to the sheets. But in Ngaoundéré, the residences that are those of the State are abandoned. Everyone wondered if we could not use these residences, for example, to serve certain administrations that have a problem of premises in Ngaoundere, instead of seeing them destroy themselves under the nose and beard of all ", makes know our source. Today, beyond lamentations, it is nostalgia that consoles. "When President Ahidjo was in power, each of the five residences in the administrative district had guards, gardeners, cooks, housekeepers who kept up every day. I know who are still here in Ngaoundere, alive, waiting for retirement pensions, others have died, "said Moustapha Mohamadou, septuagenarian, native of Ngaoundere.

However, there is still a bit of hope, in the event that finally, the State would take over the maintenance of the presidential heritage of Ngaoundere. "When I was assigned to the territorial brigade in Ngaoundéré, we were the guardians of these residences in 1975. When we arrived, we found that everything was clean. I am sure that Ngaoundere would have a better face if we maintained these residences. Just see the relifting that was done in the one now occupied by the rector of the University of Ngaoundere. All these residences were all shining at the time, "says retired Chief Warrant Officer Philippe Danga.

Source: Sahel No. 1161