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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Next government: Gregory Owona defends his position

The Minister of Labor and Social Security is well aware that this is a pill hard to swallow for the Cameroonian people who, after 46 years dreamed of seeing the country of Roger Milla welcome in its history its second final phase of a cup African Nations.

Gregory Owona invites the Cameroonian people to "forget" and even simply "forgive", but always, he says, "capitalize on real life situations to better address the future" A way for the minister to defend his position at the next government.

Here is the whole of his message

My point of view, my feeling.

The time of the legitimate surprise, disappointment, frustration and anger, of course, has taken place and should be over! I had pain, very badly. As the vast majority of compatriots, it is hard, very hard, but ... The time of the accusations (false or true) must also be behind us because the referees will do it and the responsibilities will be established if necessary. You have to trust them.

The debates that are intensifying unnecessarily (especially in the press in all forms: TV, radio, social networks, etc ...) should also stop to make way for a real reflection on the management of our affairs at each level. of us to advance, and the country with! Two things that should be done in my humble opinion without delay and that we will certainly do when the time comes, is:

1) Continue all our projects serenely and show the world that we are "ready the day- said "and see the Cameroonian youth fully enjoy these facilities well before, but also during and after the CAN 2021.

2) Well prepare our football team to bring the trophy to Cameroon in July 2019 regardless of the country where will be played the CAN 2019.

Let's take the opportunity to once again win this trophy outside the country! Let's stay at work with serenity and commitment. Let us remember that we are a great country headed by an Illustrious, Great and Dignified President of the Republic, Head of State! Sometimes you have to forget and even just forgive, but always capitalize on real life situations to better address the future. Let's be proud of being Cameroonians.

Let's stay united around the big national causes. Whatever the obstacles, seize the best opportunities available to us and take up challenges together as President Paul BIYA invites us to do!