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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Next Government: Atanga Nji activates its networks to be maintained

Since the slight reorganization of March 2, 2018, the choice of the head of state focused on this man to lead the territorial administration has been in the image of God. This ministerial department has just regained its nobility after 16 years of coldness and timidity.

In nine (09) months only the assessment of the former minister in charge of missions to the presidency of the Republic is immense. The vase of the performance is packed, we hope that this miraculous high territorial command will continue in this positive sketch at a time when the country of Paul Biya needs men in the image of their President of the Republic.The least that can be said is that the Cameroonian head of state has always behaved like Moses in the Bible when it was necessary to deliver the people of Israel in captivity to Pharaoh in Egypt.Similarly, in a difficult situation, Paul Biya often asked God to show him the men on whom he must put his trust to get his country out of the rout, pitfalls, difficult situations.

In this register, Paul Atanga Nji, after receiving the anointing of the head of state, to hand over the administrative authority on the hats, comes from to be classified by some observers as the most active minister of the government during the nine months preceding the recent government reshuffle. For some compatriots, one did not sell expensive his skin to the market of the postulants to this strategic ministry especially that Cameroon was on the alert of a political consultation quite upsetting. Most of the business circuits and state networks did not expect Paul Atanga Nji to supervise the presidential elections in the context of transparency, order and security. But the ways of God are unfathomable, as are the reactions of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya. Thus, in the perspective of a new formation of the government, the arrival of Paul Atanga Nji at the Minat allowed us to understand that with Paul Biya, we must expect everything to the extent that the man of November 06 can choose the right men in the proper place and according to the socio-political aspect of the country. Determined to leave its territory in its modernity, its prestige at the emergence of 2035, Paul Biya, long betrayed and disappointed by intellectuals, focused on men of action.

Paul Atanga Nji, a loyal man

The Cameroonians who never fail to find the anomalies on men to whom the supreme commander of the military has placed his trust have said everything about Paul Atanga Nji the day after his appointment at the head of the Minat.Some people have a short memory when in 1990 a young man of 34 years of age politically shocked Ni John Fru Ndi in Bamenda at the time of multipartism imposed a fiery furnace on the socio-political climate of Cameroon. Thanks to Paul Aganga Nji, the Rdpc began to speak loudly in Bamenda and North-West. A dynamic businessman who entered the world of finance in the early hours of Renewal. He managed to make a place for himself in the sun thanks to his dynamism and his courage. An enlightened, equipped, smart man in the public and private administration. Petri of experiences in the development of microfinance where it has been proven, the head of state could not raise it so high if Atanga Nji was not a gray substance. The judgment of God is not that of men, and Paul Biya, the father of the nation, understood it several times by choosing the most unsuspected portraits to succeed where diplomats, diplomas of Enam and the academics broke the figures.

The Feats of a Faithful Soldier

A series of criticisms inflicted on the choice of Paul Atanga Nji as Minat, the government of the Republic witnesses the 16 years inertia, shyness, coldness, somnolence and excesses of administrative authority under the magisterium of Marafa Hamidou Yaya and René Emmanuel Sadi. These two predecessors of Paul Atanga Nji have directed in their manners this ministerial department considered as the internal kitchen of the country. We reserve the right to make judgments about their various passages in Minat. However, the rapprochement between Jean Fochivé and Paul Atanga Nji interests us and we are given the opportunity to congratulate this man trained in the pile and who has just given warmth to this ministry long entrigaded in dark networks and circles vicious linked to the alternation at the top of the state. To be honest, with Paul Atanga Nji the job well done deserves encouragement. The administrative authority must be respected in the sense that it represents the head of state in his jurisdiction. With the current Minat, the land chief has regained his former authority.

Source: Sparrowhawk N ° 1243