Saturday, December 15, 2018

Latest in Cameroon: Paul Biya's New Appointment " Meet Soumbou Angoula" the new DG of ENAM

The son of Angoula, Chantal Biya's Uncle who signed the marriage certificate of Chantal Biya as father.

Paul Biya signed yesterday evening several appointment decrees to reshuffle certain administrative services. And ENAM has not been spared.

Thus, the now new DG of ENAM is called, Soumbou Angoula, son of Angoula uncle Chantal Biya who signed the marriage certificate of Chantal Biya as father. The new DG is of the 2017 ENAM promotion. Entry of the judiciary in 2017.

Who is his father, the late Angoula Dieudonné?

The father, Angoula Dieudonné, former Director of Telecommunications at the Minpostel died after 10 years in prison. The president's father-in-law was serving a 20-year prison sentence in Kondengui for embezzling public funds in Mounchipougate.

In fact, the former director of telecommunications at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Minpostel) had been staying at Yaoundé Kondengui Central Prison for more than ten years. He was arrested and detained in connection with the trial of the perpetrators of public embezzlement at Minpostel. Case named at the time Mounchipougate, named after the minister, himself imprisoned. Until his arrest on Monday, September 6, 1999, Dieudonné Angoula managed the lines of credits concerning the acquisition of targets and accessories. He initiated numerous orders and orders that gave rise to fictitious services, he proceeded to the choice of suppliers including his nephew Pythagoras Mveng. The verdict falls on November 28, 2003: a 20-year prison sentence.

The 60 years gone, Dieudonné Angoula, according to testimonies, was not well since the death of his wife there are almost two years. Even though he had remarried recently. This native of Nanga-Eboko in Haute-Sanaga was especially presented as the father-in-law of the Cameroonian head of state, in view of his affiliation with the first lady Chantal Biya.

Some time before his death, the eight persons found guilty of embezzling public funds at the Minpostel had submitted to the Supreme Court a review of their situation. They include Mounchipou Séidou, Meli Ngninzeko Chrispo, Marthe Nadine Ongolo born Nsizoa, Emmanuel Bayiga, Jean Ngou and of course, Dieudonné Angoula. The latter then referred them to the Court of Appeal of the Center because it evoked a formal defect.

He died following an attack in prison according to the testimony of a prison guard. The appointment of his son to the post of DG of ENAM sounds like a recognition for Paul Biya son of his stepfather.