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Friday, December 28, 2018

Kribi: normalcy returns in city after clashes

Last December 25, skirmishes broke out between motorcycle-taxi drivers and gendarmes. 

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Order and serenity reign again in the seaside town. The people, among whom motorcycle taxi drivers, quietly go about their business. Installed in his hospital bed this December 26, the skull completely covered with a bandage, the prefect of the Ocean, Antoine Bisaga, reassures on his state of health.

" I'm Ok. In the hours that follow, I will go to the office to continue my work.

The main civil administrator received a projectile on the skull around 11 pm on December 25, 2018. At the origin of this incident, clashes between police and motorcycle taxis. The moto-taximen having laid barricades on the bridge of Kienke, the prefect went there to find a solution to the clash against gendarmes.

Everything began at the Pangou checkpoint around 8:30 pm. A student gendarme shoots a motorcycle driver. The man is touched on the left thigh. The colleagues of the moto-taxi driver will go to the prefect's residence, carrying their comrade. "We want him to die and we will set fire to the city," they say. The prefect will use great diplomacy for the injured to be transported to the hospital. Around 22h, the motorcycle drivers block the axis leading to the port of Kribi. Even pedestrians are forced to obey. Informed of the situation, the administrative, judicial and military authorities of the city of Kribi go to the scene of the demonstration.

In the midst of negotiations, a group of moto-taximen starts booing and throwing stones and bottles at the authorities. The prefect is wounded in the skull.Intimidation will then be fired in the air by the law enforcement forces. Motorcycle drivers, in their flight, ransack everything in their path. Around midnight, the forces of law and order are supported by the elements of the Kribi naval base. Calm returns.

For the moment, investigations are open.23 people have already been arrested. "We are making all the arrangements so that order reigns in Kribi during these end-of-year celebrations," said the prefect of the Ocean, Antoine Bisaga.