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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kondengui: a 10-year-old boy burned with hot water by his aunt

Régine Ambani, aged 10, is a student in grade 6 at Frantz Fanon College, located opposite the Mount Carmel chapel in Kondengui district in Yaounde. This establishment is located a few meters from the home of his aunt who hosts it.

His parents, one of them very sick, live in the village. After passing the primary school certificate (CEP), her aunt welcomed her to her home so that her studies would not be disturbed by her parent's state of health. This family solidarity will be short-lived. Because, last November 23, this teenager will undergo one of the worst traumas of her life.

According to her, her aunt would have poured hot water on her buttocks, telling her to go to school some time later. This water will tear the skin of the buttocks and a few drops of water will also touch his genitals. The victim's fault would be his complaint to his beloved uncle rather than to his aunt's touching. The info clear and sharp. According to our source, every night the teenager who is also his cousin sexually harassed her because the two shared the same room. Arrival at the college on the same day of this package, the little girl does not bear the pain of burns will solicit an exit ticket at the supervisor.

Thing she will get. Back home her beautiful uncle will send her back to college. Unable to sit down, the latter will resolve to take classes standing. An attitude that will intrigue her French teacher. When questioned, the girl will tell all the causes of her trauma. Alerted, the general supervisor will call his guardians who will not move. Thus he will seize the social service of Yaoundé IV, and will file a complaint at the police station in Nkoldongo before bringing the child to a clinic in Kondengui district.

The care will be at the expense of the college. On Saturday, November 24, in the morning, the tutors will go to the clinic and quietly get the girl out of the clinic without the advice of doctors, and without informing the college. If the police station of Nkolndongo did not question the executioners of the girl, it is rather the person in charge of social services who went to the college Frantz Fanon Wednesday, November 28. After hearing the testimonies of the classmates and the French teacher of the victim, the social service will locate the home of his guardians, who are at the place called "Descent Carrossel". The case is going on. "We are in a country of law and children have rights.

When we find that the frustration and trauma of a child are important, we take appropriate action. Humanly we can not accept it. It's a matter of professional conscience. A teacher is first and foremost a psychologist, "said Thomas Alexandre Essomba, Founder of Frantz Fanon College.