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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

'It's Paul Biya who asked for CAN to be withdrawn in Cameroon'

"The questions are not indiscreet, the answers are," says the sage. To go too far on declarations for the purposes of justifications, we end up saying one or more things that go beyond his / her / its own thought: the truth, this immanent thing that it is not in the human power to control because it is, because it is not conceived and not made. Like the lie!

Two months ago, on October 2nd, the president of the CAF paid an unprecedented visit of a few hours to the Cameroonian president, in the middle of the electoral campaign for his re-election at the head of the State. If many had seen a maneuver by President Biya to corrupt - at least morally - the plenipotentiary of African football to change his negative perception of Cameroon that he had already chambered several times about the inability of this country to effectively organize the continental competition, some, less negative, but realistic, had claimed that the Cameroonian head of state had simply wanted to ask Ahmad Ahmad to put a damper to his criticism, the time spent in the presidential election , even if he made a consequential decision thereafter, given that the reports that he (to President Biya) reached showed the categorical impossibility for Cameroon to be up to date with its infrastructure required "on the day".

After the withdrawal in Cameroon of CAN 2019, while the president of CAF reassured the supporters of the "CAN 2019 in Cameroon at any price", that his organization had no alternative plan to Cameroon's choice for the 32nd edition of the CAN, or had never thought of withdrawing it in Cameroon, the question is:

Can the young Ahmad Ahmad have had the daring to play a trick on the old president of Cameroon, promising him something to do the opposite a month later, in African memory, this seems unlikely.

The most likely hypothesis would be that the Cameroonian president, aware of the incapacity of his administration to transform his "commitment" into concrete achievements, had, with a view to a time extension, asked Ahmad to endorse the withdrawal. the CAN in Cameroon and its attribution to another country, so that he, Biya, is not thrown to the popular vengeance, or at least so that it allows his supporters to be able to respond to his local critics by rejecting responsibility on the CAF, which would be accused of proven adversity vis-à-vis Cameroon.

The ride would have worked well. And since Alassane Ouattara plans to leave Côte d'Ivoire in 2020, and would have no interest in insisting that the CAN be played under the mandate of his successor in 2021, it will have been easy to convince -It must pass the tour of Côte d'Ivoire to the benefit of Cameroon.

To be honest , the following statement of Mr. Ahmad on the Africa Media channel "... We do not want us to spend the time making fun of our continent. The decision to withdraw CAN in Cameroon was taken unanimously by all members of the executive committee. The reports of the various visits to Cameroon did not presage anything good. It was almost impossible to organize this competition in these conditions.

To round off the edges, we planned to shift all the next CAN since I saw the Cameroonian Head of State, I wanted to accompany him and help him. Gives the impression of a realistic arrangement between the two men without the knowledge of Cameroonians. Who said politics was not the art of mind manipulation?

Source: Sam Mayem