Friday, December 7, 2018

Insecurity: Adamaoua targeted

The evaluation and coordination meeting was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2018 in the village hall of the classical and modern high school of Ngaoundere.  Presided over by the governor, it was also a question of making proposals for a peaceful end to the year.

The Adamaoua region has for some time been facing the phenomenon of hostage-taking with ransom demand, with the main target being ranchers. The localities most affected by the phenomenon are the villages of the departments of Vina and Mbere.

The relative calm observed and the inaccessibility of certain areas have allowed some criminal groups to resurface and undermine the tranquility of the population, including farmers who pay a heavy price for each incursion of these armed gangs.

"A relative calm reigns in the region.People are going about their business, but here and there are concerns about the kidnapping of people and their property, "said Adamawa governor Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar.

The dry season and especially the end of year celebrations represent a period of intense activities of the hostage takers.Populations must play their full part in solving this problem by providing forecast information to law enforcement and security forces and especially the vigilance committees that must support the elements of the army.

"We will intensify our efforts with the collaboration of everyone, traditional authorities, the people themselves. This collaboration is very necessary if people refuse to pay the ransom demanded by the hostage takers and may be kind enough to inform the police, "the governor adds.

During this year 2018, there are more than 18 officially announced hostage-taking cases, some of which have resulted in deaths of men and even members of the police. This also prompted the memorandum made public a few weeks ago by the elites of the region.

In urban centers, insecurity is also gaining ground, despite the actions of the army.The acts of aggression and kidnappings of children are more and more decried in the city of Ngaoundéré especially.