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Monday, December 31, 2018

In Northern Region, a relative of Maurice Kamto risks the death penalty

The Mayo Oulo is a district of Mayo Louti Historic Fiefs of the CPDM and UNDP. It all begins after the National President of the MRC has made his rounds in the North and Far North.

The meeting of Maurice Kamto in the Mayo Oulo caused a wave of panic at the administrative Elite .Pire again, after the announcement of the visit of the first vice-president of the MRC in the city, and the rallying to the MRC youth of the UNDP, the regime's steamroller, launched against local leaders of the rebirth party.

A political elite accompanied by the administrative machine would be declaring war on the populations by maneuvering to politically eliminate the communal leaders of the party following a very controversial history of the theft of money (90,000 FCFA) by a young man from the locality of Hamadou's name.Despite all the pressure against Biri Mousa, they are determined not to give in to threats against their fundamental rights, to freely choose who will rule their country.

"A political elite is corrupting the family of small whose victim money money to witness against me in court. It's the same victim who told us that.

So once in front of the judges, the victim turns his back on me saying: "It is not the Captain who tortured me but rather it is his element" hence his reason to sue me for name defamation. Explain Ousmane Biri Moussa secretary of the municipal federation of Mayo Oulo before specifying:

'' When H Amadou arrives at his place of service, a few minutes later, the loss of 80,000 is mentioned. Based on a traditional revelation, Hamadou is accused on the spot and began his limestone.

After which a full had been lodged against the captain at the prosecutor's office of Guider by the Razak Accademi Football Club Center. Hamadou is also a member of this sports center. I recall here that Hamadou is a youth bureau member of our party. In the same center, I am the Director of Administrative, Sports and Legal Affairs. My crime is to have denounced this in Social Networks. Mayor of Mayo Oulo, Sub-Prefect, Lamido went to stop full at Co-Legion level and the Mayor paid the fees to the bailiff for the captain to quote me for name defamation. Here are the medical records of our political friend Hamadou. "

On 02 January, Ousmane will be alone in front of his fate in front of the president of the court of his locality, the steamroller having put forward the accusations for cybercrime want to make pay to this young executive of the party of Maurice Kamto his activist who will make Mayo Oulo quote to the Constitutional Council.

More than ever, Ousmane needs the support of his party. Can the MRC activists mobilize to support Ousmane, as is the case for other activists arrested in other parts of the country?