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Friday, December 28, 2018

In Douala, young people get drowned by alcohol!

Douala. Place Angel Raphael. It is 7:30 pm this Saturday. The noisy sound of speakers already reason in the ears, around bars that fill up. Suddenly, a bar attracts attention among many others. It is located on the roadside and dimmed lights, multicolored, illuminate the interior. Many tables tidy and full of bottles of beer, precious liquid for its consumers. There is something for every taste. As we say in Cameroonian jargon: "here we consume".

"Hurry up, after serving the customers at the end, there are some who have just come in and they want a dozen beer on their table, then you'll go and serve the gentleman sitting down," the bartender ordered. one of the maids. They are 7, black skirts, white shirts, tight and letting bounce their breasts raised to good effect many, but they can not serve everyone. The demand is high. In the back of the room, on a table, young boys and girls, about 20 years old, dance and chat without getting bothered. They have many bottles of beer on their tables. Some are already empty and others are full. Suddenly, the maid rids and adds other full beers: "I drink to flourish and I can consume 4 to 6 beers, it depends on my means," says one of the young. To flourish by drinking as many beers? Alcohol is however responsible for many road accidents and many diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes.

The certified price of a beer is 500 FCFA.But here prices vary depending on the day.Simple days: 700 CFA francs for a beer, weekends and holidays, 1000 CFA francs for the same beer. Nevertheless, the activities flourish here, in this sector which adjoins the University of Douala.

The bar is always full and the clientele is mostly young so much so that one wonders what these young people do to drink as much and why do they drink? "I do a little activity during the day and in the evening to relax I go out to have a few beers," said Mathieu a 24-year-old man met in the bar, as if there were no other ways to relax.

"For me the beer is good, but when I exaggerate, I sometimes do naughty things like fighting, insulting people," says Ghislain, 22. This brings us back to the harmful effects of heavy drinking in a young environment that often results in bloody fights, which have sometimes been fatal. There are some young people who say that they sometimes drink alcohol to fight fears, in short, who say they find courage when they consume alcohol. Others say they can only speak in public when they have been drinking. For 20-year-old Franklin, he does not remember anything the day after an evening of beer: "There are days when I drink, in the morning I do not remember anything, I'm just told that I messed up.

From inside this bar, aptly named "The Black Dragon", we see the twinkling lights of "Facebook", another bar facing the "Black Dragon". In this bar which hides in the background an inn, girls drinking alcohol and cigarettes: "I drink with my girlfriends every day like that, we have fun". Another girl says that she drinks to forget a disappointment in love. Because, not long ago, she would have been deceived by her boyfriend.

Cameroon, with a population of 20 million, has three major brewing companies. The Société anonyme des basseries du Cameroun (Sabc), majority owned by Frenchman Pierre Castel, would make more than six billion francs per year of profit.

Guinness Cameroon, majority owned by the British Diageo, comes in second place, ahead of the Union of Breweries of Cameroon (Ucb), private property of wealthy Bamileke businessman Kadji Deffosso. And as if that were not enough in this country where beer is considered to be a staple food, Cameroon imports officially and smuggled also alcohol in the form of beer, liquor and wine. Heavy drinking is not just about young people.

Douala is like the rest of the country, whether in town or in the village. All generations are affected. If for some people the consumption of alcohol gives courage, it should especially be noted that it destroys health, households, and society.