Saturday, December 8, 2018

Hint: season of murders and betrayals open in Etoudi

The decision by CAF to withdraw the organization of CAN 2019 in Cameroon and the announced formation of the next government revives the low-kick and fang-of-leg between member of the government team.

These maneuvers have not started today. They have always been legion in the seraglio. But this game of killing is more raging at certain crucial moments. The fangs between members of the government team are increasing especially on the eve of making major decisions by the head of state, like the formation of a new government. "You will observe that the biggest victims are recruited among the leaders in strategic positions, and therefore coveted," notes a good connoisseur of the secrets of power.

The public opinion is flooded, thanks to the propagating effect of social networks, confidential documents, often betraying also disagreements between certain links in the chain of decision . It is in this spirit that a few months ago, a correspondence of the Minister of Public Works leaked on social networks before making the headlines of the press. Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi solicited from his colleague of the Public markets an authorization to pass by mutual agreement the market of expansion of the penetrant-east of Douala. What had especially attracted attention was the CFAF 42 billion for a road stretch of about ten kilometers. But basically, the motivations of the leak planners were elsewhere.

The withdrawal of the CAN falls like blessed bread for those who are active, who to eliminate a competitor, to hit where it hurts an opponent. This humiliation of Cameroon is willingly instrumentalized, not for the good of the country, but with the intention of polishing its own image.To direct the attention to others, necessarily good for the scaffold, just to look away from his own responsibility to better refine his plans in the shadows.Coups are multiplying all the more as, at the same time, the formation of a new government can intervene at any time.

So suddenly, secrets hitherto cleverly maintained are distilled, suddenly one notes his disapproval for a procedure around which the silence was observed so far. This is the case, for example, of this correspondence from the Minister SG / PR to the Minister of Public Health concerning the purchase of 88 ambulances for the purpose of organizing the CAN. While the document was signed a long time ago, his escape is cleverly orchestrated on purpose at this time. Other documents dating back several years are conveniently published in social networks. A disguised manner of designating those responsible for the loss by Cameroon of this event.

In doing so, they are not unaware that the President of the Republic knows these maneuvers well, he observes with a malicious eye. And occasionally knows how to take the opposite direction when choosing employees.