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Monday, December 31, 2018

Here are the top 5 most corrupt Cameroon ministries

The public procurement sector is therefore the one where most corruption is registered in Cameroon. And, its administration, the ministry delegated to the presidency of the Republic in charge of Public Procurement (Minmap) ranks first in the index of perception of corruption in Cameroon. This index, innovation of the 2017 report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Conac) on the state of corruption in Cameroon, will be the barometer of this plague in Cameroon.

With an average of 7.77 / 10, the Minmap arrives at the top of the most corrupt structures in Cameroon. The ministry in charge of public procurement is closely followed in this ranking by the central services of the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to these two administrations, the top 5 most corrupt in Cameroon is completed by the courts of the Ministry of Justice, the body of the National Gendarmerie Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Transport. With respective ratings of 0.50 / 10 and 00/10, the Conac and the Prime Minister's Services are the least corrupt in Cameroon.

To arrive at this ranking, the Conac said to have made a survey in the field, giving the floor to a sample of 6,145 people scattered in 360 districts of Cameroon.This sample of people was asked about their appreciation of the efforts and results achieved after five years of implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy in Cameroon.