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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Forgotten by Paul Biya, Messanga Nyamding breakdown in tears

It was an unusual fact that occurred during a radio broadcast that took place Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding and his classmate, the famous musician Roméo Dika.

Sayed forgotten and abandoned by their party in power, the CPDM, these two great activists took the opportunity to express their wrath clearly.

"The president is the king of arbitrariness, he himself names thieves to control our money that the person to steal.. We must not put our families at stake to support a policy that will not bring us anything, I'm not no longer there, "says Romeo Dika first in a very harsh tone, before turning away another question from the journalist," You talk to me about the Ivory Coast while I'm dying here in Cameroon ". he threatened.

Messanga Nyamding, who wants to increase, will first burst into tears before explaining that they were very active during the last presidential campaign, crowned by the overwhelming victory of their candidate President Paul Biya, sometimes using their own means, which no have never been returned.

"The big networks have achieved their goal, they want to abandon the president of the republic," says in tears the member of the central committee of the CPDM.

Messanga Nyamding is a "biyaist" and an activist from the beginning, he has always dreamed of getting a job in the Cameroonian executive as well. The academic has often hinted under the thatched cottages that it was time for young "political wolves" like him to be highlighted, through a prominent political-administrative promotion.