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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Fighting between soldiers in the army: Beti Assomo applies his new tactics

Black sheep exist in all trades. The army is not outdone, because it has a multitude in its ranks. The Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense, once installed in his new role, has taken measures to fight against indiscipline in the body. Mindef's actions are bearing fruit as we are now seeing much more responsibility in the behavior of the military.

Some soldiers have made indiscipline their credo, he says, and then denounce their differences in behavior found recurrently from the highest to the lowest. These cases of indiscipline are in several forms: violation of instructions, desertion, refusal of obedience, among others. After having made the diagnosis, Joseph Béti Assomo decided to take the bull by the horns. "We must bring order to the ranks of the military," said the minister delegate to the presidency in charge of defense. He was already setting the tone of his major projects in light of the deplorable situation. The former governor of the Littoral region took the reins of the army in a rather worrying context characterized by unorthodox behavior of some soldiers found in bars and other drinking establishments. They were illustrated by fights with the civilians because sometimes of the affairs of women and they committed to the passage of the crimes. It was already starting to make a great noise with the deleterious climate that reigned between the elements of the different defense forces.

Fighting between soldiers was lived in a context of tension with all that this could involve in terms of consequences on the human and material planes. These misunderstandings drew their essence from the rivalries between the different forces, some of which believe they are superior to others. Mood movements observed by soldiers on the street have also been seen to claim their rights. An unacceptable situation by the new Mindef who decided to make the discipline his workhorse. In his various speeches, during ceremonies, Joseph Béti Assomo always took the opportunity to invite the elements of the armed forces to more discipline."The high command promotes equality and unity in order to foster common ambitions for the defense of the homeland and the preservation of territorial integrity," said the minister. Mindef emphasizes that "the war between berets has no place in a state of law". He is therefore a man of rigor who speaks because when he was governor of the Littoral region, he had sanctioned some elements of the defense forces for indiscipline. For the Mindef, the high command will not skimp on the means to inflict without weakness the disciplinary sanctions. The Cameroonian army, even outside the borders, is recognized in Africa by its integrity, its patriotism and its respect for republican values. She demonstrated it during the war against Boko Haram through her love and commitment to the national flag.

Beyond the combat strategies on the ground, the strength of an army is also based on discipline and respect for certain values. We must therefore put an end to less important behavior in order to build a formidable, merciless army in front of the enemy. At a time when our army is on the visor of international organizations including Amnesty International, which denounces human rights violations, it has an interest in better conduct. Behind his usual smile, Joseph Beti Assomo is a leader of a man of great charisma with strong authority. For more than two years at the head of the delicate Ministry of Defense that some observers considered before his arrival as a crab basket, the Mindef force respect and admiration.

The troops find in him a leader who educates and educates before raging without offending. The minister delegate to the presidency in charge of defense became the balance pole of all the armies, a belt of reinforcement of the cohesion which seemed to disappear between the high hierarchy of the armies, the subordinate classes and the guarantor of equal opportunities of rights but also responsibilities.

Transparency, responsibility and a sense of duty seem to be values ​​that support Joseph Béti Assomo for unanimous support. Gone are the passions, the suspicions of nepotism, the traffic of influence and the wars of lobbies which disoriented some of their missions, provoked interferences, fueled grunts and impulses of insubordination. The Armed Forces have regained their true values ​​and are adapting as never before to the texts of RTA1 that govern the discipline of armies.

Source: Sparrowhawk N ° 1243