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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Criticism of the Interim Government of Ambazonia, Acting President Ikome Sako Speaks Out

“A lie is told by someone who is either ignorant or malicious. But the strength there-of, depends on the extent that the lie is believed. The problem is when the lie is believed or spread by those who were supposed to debunk it. It becomes the “truth out there” especially when the truth is quiet. One day we shall be bold to find and defend the truth as we know it and many will regret for what they did or did not do because of a widespread lie.

For our information more money is now going into the Revolution (I didn’t say the IG) than before. We designed the Amba Peace Plan LGA by LGA to achieve exactly this in response to the vicious misinformation campaign by enemies within and without that was aimed at grounding this IG. Today one single LGA raises $50k in two months. We have 61 local Local Governments. MTTB on the contrary Raised $86k in its first month – from all Ambazonians.

Working with the people’s elected representatives we will resolve a lot of issues. Yesterday also, the self defense leaders to whom we gave money From MTTB to organize “their boys” to fight for us NEVER told them the money or materials was from the IG. So how will GZ not believe the bogus story that the IG either ate their money, kept it or paid out salaries. Now many elected reps are discovering what happened and how things are done by our IG as we govern from a distance. When they understand they will “ forgive “ us for the “salaries”, the “Houses we bought” or the BitCoin stories etc. they believed. They will tell the others and the truth shall prevail!

Today the lies notwithstanding the GAME ON GZ HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY; pushing the world powers to pay serious attention to our case for the FIRST TIME in the history of our struggle. Our victory is that we have effectively denied our adversaries the military victory they promised their western Masters! We have convinced all that Biya cannot retain Ambazonia by use of force any more. Hence the new solution: “Dialogue without precondition”. From UN to USA, From Uk Parliament to Germany’s Bundestag, From the Scandinavia to Switzerland, the ultimatums are raining on Biya. Those who love this revolution should actively shame all demagogies against the IG and fearlessly defend it against destructive lies.”

Dr. Ikome  Sako