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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Crisis meeting at Yang: physical fight between ministers

Cameroon opts for appeasement and seizes the hand of the CAF for the organization of the Can in 2021. 

The Central Organizing Committee of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) football met in session Extraordinary yesterday, 05 December 2018. During the proceedings, the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, its president, made it clear that Cameroon would not go to any international court of law against the African Football Confederation (CAF), to the effect to defend his right to organize the final tournament of the Can in June and July 2019. With only point on the agenda, the presentation of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education (Minsep), Bidoung Mpkatt.

This crisis meeting resulted in two main resolutions. The first results from a proposal by the Minister of Finance (Minfi), Louis Paul Motaze for whom, it requires an inventory of all projects and services in progress to have the exact situation. It is a question of examining two which fall directly and expressly into the specifications of the organization of the Can and those subjacent. The Minfi finds that too many benefits have been asked to pay without knowing exactly what was asked of what is planned. For example, Louis Paul Motaze cited the financing of motorways and the demand for the purchase of new aircraft for Camair Co as well as new locomotives at La Camrail.

The second strong resolution is the continuation of the projects in order to finish them on time. An approach to allow Cameroon to officially initiate the process to accept the offer of organization of a Can in Cameroon in 2021. Battle of ragpickers During the discussions and debates on the current level of preparations for the 2019 Can, the Government members present and the ministers involved in the various projects were clear that Cameroon at the end of the presentation of the Minsep, could not have organized the Can 2019.

Because of a sort of battle of ragpickers and the highlighting of the personal interests of the different leaders and stakeholders. What made the Prime Minister say that the diagnosis is clear, the feature of the organization of Can 2019 in Cameroon is the fact to 80% of Cameroonians. After that, strange attitude, the government members present owners have made accusations against each other. If the debate was frank and sincere, everyone wanted to practice the technique of the scapegoat.

After the decision of the Executive Committee of the African Football Confederation (CAF), November 30, 2018 in Accra, withdrawing the organization of the Can 2019 in Cameroon, lareserve, disappointment and bitterness have sprouted from many sections of the population. For many Cameroonians, it took nothing less than to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Tas). For example, the Association of Amateur Football Clubs of Cameroon (Acfac) held an extraordinary meeting on 04 December 2018 in Yaoundé.

At the end of the work "the executive board of Acfac, after considering the chances of Cameroon to win the case before the Tas decided unanimously of members present and represented, to mobilize all of its members across the country to challenge the decision to withdraw the Can 2019 organization in Cameroon, taken by the CAF Executive Committee on November 30, 2018 ". A position that the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma has also put on the crisis session table of the Central Organizing Committee. But a proposal quickly evacuated by the president of the works who shared a high directive of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Source: Essigan N ° 143