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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Crime: Senator Grégoire Mba Mba cited in the murder of a journalist

The famous MBA MBA Grégoire senator who recently sang a Bulu song in parliament at the inauguration of Paul BIYA is quoted in the murder of a journalist in the city of Kribi.

It is the journalist Sévère KAMEN corresponding to the newspaper Le Messager. On October 16, he lodged a complaint (copy below) with the Kribi Prosecutor against the senator in which he indicated that his safety was endangered by the latter because of an article he published on abuses of this militant of the Rdpc in the city of Kribi especially in land dispute.

After threatening the journalist with death, the senator "singer" (Paul Biya has not yob) would have taken action?

According to the information gathered on this case, the journalist was poisoned by his wife.

KAMEN's letter to the public prosecutor also a few days before his death clearly shows that he suffered death threats from the Senator.